What he wants, any woman over 40? With material goods, as a rule, everything is fine. The important thing is to maintain the health... Calcium: to acquire and not to lose

What he wants, any woman over 40? With material goods, as a rule, everything is fine. The important thing is to maintain the health (and hence beauty) for as long as possible. Do you know how important this calcium?

Secret risks menopause

In women aged over 40 (someone earlier, someone later) starts a natural gradual fading of ovarian function. They produce less and less estrogen: the main female hormones that protect the body from external and internal aging. Estrogens, in addition to the obvious responsibility for femininity, are responsible for a stable blood pressure levels, for beautiful skin, for normal functioning of the brain and, importantly, influence the exchange of calcium in a woman’s body.

Without going into too much details, we note that the sharp decline in estrogen levels that occurs in menopause leads to accelerated bone metabolism, disruption of the balance between synthesis and destruction of bone cells. This leads to a rapid loss of bone substance, that is literally a leaching of calcium from bones. That’s why in menopausal bone lose strength, becoming more fragile. Developing a condition known as osteoporosis.

What is the danger of calcium deficiency for women?

Perhaps it is the lack of estrogen is the reason why osteoporosis is found in women three times more often than men.1 And osteoporosis caused by menopause, up to 85% of all cases of the disease. The number of bone fractures caused by osteoporosis in Europe is more than 3 million cases per year!2 the Hidden danger of osteoporosis lies in the fact that the woman does not even know about calcium deficiency in the bone until a fracture happens.

How to protect yourself from osteoporosis?

Basic prevention of osteoporosis is adequate nutrition with enough calcium. If the daily value of this mineral for most people is 1,000 mg per day, whereas for women in menopause experts recommend an increase in the number of calcium to 1200 mg.

During periods of increased need getting enough calcium from food does not lead to accumulation of this element in bone tissue. It’s all in the bioavailability, that is, the threshold of calcium absorption, after which it ceases to be perceived by the body. Of dietary calcium in the adult human intestine is absorbed less than half, so to ensure the proper level doctors use special medication.

A medicine used for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis can be divided into three groups:

  • Drugs inhibiting bone destruction (estrogen and others);
  • Drugs that stimulate bone formation (anabolic hormones);
  • Drugs multifaceted action (a complex compound with the calcium, for example, “Calcemin advance”).

Drugs of the first and second groups dispensed by prescription. Calcium supplements generally have non-prescription status, and doctors often do not specify specific preparation assignments, therefore, will deal in detail with this group.

How to choose a product calcium?

In modern pharmacy without a preparation is easy to get lost, so I will tell you what you should pay special attention.

1. The presence of vitamin D3. Without the calcium (coming even with the food, at least a part of a medical product) simply won’t be absorbed into the intestinal lumen. So calcium without sufficient vitamin D — the money.

2. The presence of other minerals besides calcium. To understand the complex processes of calcium metabolism often use the term “collagen mesh”. It is a kind of “skeleton” of the bone, its internal structure consisting of collagen fibres that form the basis of bone tissue. To support the processes of formation of collagen mesh that prevents the leaching of calcium, in the modern drug must be other minerals: copper, zinc, magnesium and manganese.

Therefore, for effective prevention of osteoporosis and related bone fractures in menopause it is advisable to use combined preparations, which includes calcium, vitamin D3 and additional minerals.

The above-mentioned “Calcemin advance”, in addition to calcium and vitamin D3, contains magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese and boron. A combination of minerals involved in the formation of the same collagen mesh. The result is improved bone mineral density, reduced fracture risk.

Remember that to restore the bone tissue is more difficult than to preserve it. To stay healthy and beautiful after 40, to maintain the level of calcium in the body: high-grade eat, move more and take drugs that support the required level of calcium in the body.

There are contraindications. You need to read the instructions.

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