Sleeper look cute and cuddly, funny and funny. I do not want just to admire and photograph. But think twice before you get the... Why not take pictures of sleeping people: prejudices and reality

Sleeper look cute and cuddly, funny and funny. I do not want just to admire and photograph. But think twice before you get the camera. It would not harm.

To photograph people, even the loved ones can be difficult. Seeing the camera, some “freeze”, get scared, others take the most successful posture. In the dream, the facial expression models are the most natural, relaxed, and sometimes touching. Especially in children.

However, there are several reasons not to photograph the sleeping. Conditionally they can be divided into three groups:

The ethical prohibition to photograph the sleeping
Let’s start with the moral and ethical reasons. Few people like being “caught” in an uncomfortable situation, or during such a personal, intimate process, which is undoubtedly a dream. Fell asleep on the transport, her face buried in the shoulder of a neighbor; in the dream, I open my mouth; embraced Napping on the pillow a cat… Yes, many “humorous” situations can happen. Man is helpless – he can’t ask you to remove it or to remove bad frames. It is not necessary to use the vulnerability. It is better to agree in advance with the “model” of whether to remove her while she sleeps.

Unexpected awakening is dangerous for health
Children and adults with sensitive sleep may unintentionally Wake up from the snap of the camera or flash. The consequences can be very different: from fear to stuttering. A well-known phenomenon of micro-awakenings, no invisible for sleeping, not for others. It is undesirable to have this moment of instant awakening coincided with the moment of photographing. The chance is negligible, but it may stick in the memory and lead to unconscious fears, nightmares, insomnia.

The vulnerability of the “protective bio-field”
If you believe that a person has some kind of protective aura or aura, you can not believe that this aura is easy to break. The most suitable moment to “break” this very thin material – it’s a dream. In the dream a person is considered vulnerable to the impact of negative energies, so surreptitiously photograph can bring a disease to bring trouble, and even change the fate. Do you believe it?

Especially sensitive to this concern young parents. The aura of the child is much weaker than that of an adult. Therefore, to photograph children from an esoteric point of view – the last thing. However, the scientific explanations of these arguments do not. To believe or not to believe in the negative influence of photographic equipment? That is the question.

Superstitious fear
Another dubious superstition is that during sleep the soul leaves the body. There is something rising from the ancient faiths, when people believed that the soul is wont to travel through different worlds while the body sleeps. If the camera man accidentally Wake up in time, until his soul is returned to his body, he will die. The scientific confirmation of such “data” is not.

The similarity of sleep and the deceased
Sleeping in something similar to the dead: motionless, eyes closed. As if photographing it captures the condition of deadness. For enthusiastic mystical and esoteric theories, it is also a bad sign: for all that is captured can become a reality. Sounds frightening.

The fear of
Perhaps you are aware of the existence on the market of black magic “services” to restore the damage on the photographs. So to mind comes the thought: it is easier to overlook or put a spell upon pictures of a sleeping man with weak energy protection. So if the frame is made with love, accidentally gets to detractors, the consequences can only guess.

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