The doctor will receive for the maintenance of each child under the age of 5 years 1.4 thousand UAH per year. According to the... The Ministry of health has proposed to increase doctors ‘ salaries: who will earn more

The doctor will receive for the maintenance of each child under the age of 5 years 1.4 thousand UAH per year.

According to the draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On approval of the procedure of implementation of state guarantees of medical care of the population under the program of medical guarantees for primary care in 2018”, the standard rate for medical care of patients from “green list” is 370 UAH for all regions of the country. That’s how much the state will pay the doctor per year for each patient that will sign a contract with him. However, the base rate would only apply for the most hassle-free patients, people aged 18-39 years.

In addition, the document proposes to determine the correction coefficients for the five patient groups in the context of their age. For the maintenance of children under the age of 5 years, the doctor will obtain 1,4 thousand UAH per year and per child aged 6-17 – 814 UAH annually, reports Interfax Ukraine.

What will change after the start of medical reform

For providing medical care to people who have reached 40-654 years of the doctor will be paid from the budget of 444 UAH 1.2 capitation rates. If the patient belongs to the next age group and have reached the age of 65, the doctor will receive for his services two bets or 740 UAH. One rate is provided for patients who are in the group 1-39 years.

The ratio for each patient is increased if the latter resides in the remote mountainous areas. In this case, the doctor will obtain 462 UAH per year. That is Kapitalina rate increases 1.25 times.

Also, the Ministry of health offers to pay doctors for patient care from the “red list” (non-conditional number of patients) 240 UAH. Towards them will not apply the correction coefficients. The number of patients from this list is calculated every month by doctors using a special formula.

The document also defines what is included in the cost, paid from the budget. In particular, for the money patients are entitled to diagnostic services, laboratory tests, medical services.

The Ordinance provides for two stages of signing contracts between the state, municipal health facilities and National health service of Ukraine in 2018. The first phase will be held from 1 June to 31 December, and the second not later than September 1 or for the period from 1 October to 31 December.

The conclusion of contracts with NCSU is only possible with all municipal health facilities primary health care who receive funding from medavinci and from one local budget. This requirement is due to the fact that medavinci allocated to the local budget and can be replaced for the entire budget, not for each institution.

Recall that in Ukraine also earned a register of electronic sick lists. Data from this registry will be available to the employer, the patient and physician.

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