How to eat for pleasure and not to gain weight? What for many seems impossible, especially during the Christmas holidays can be a reality.... Slim figure without dieting – dreams come true

How to eat for pleasure and not to gain weight? What for many seems impossible, especially during the Christmas holidays can be a reality. In folk medicine it is believed that the human body can self regulate and balance. Currently, experts are considering whether the human body to regulate itself without dieting, and still maintain a natural healthy body weight.

“All the yummy foods too fatty, too sweet or just unhealthy” – even this statement reflects a deep distrust of your body and to your intuition. Complicates matters and the established ideal of beauty, far from reality and from the healthy lifestyle. Under the influence of conventional ideas about ideal beauty and ideal weight, which is distributed to the media, it is not surprising that most people have a morbid idea of their weight. Such a conclusion can be drawn from the survey of 10,000 young people in Halderberge.

In order to change the generally accepted ideal of beauty, has already undertaken some administrative actions. However, to completely change people’s ideas about the ideal of beauty and failed, despite the fact that the influence of such images, as painful slimming baby dolls, girls, models or recommendations on this topic was limited. The root of the problem lies most likely in the area of self-perception of individuals. Thus, each person can find their own way to choose quality food, listening to your intuition in order to achieve optimal weight.

Without a doubt, in the current hectic everyday the goal of achieving optimal weight is probably too elusive. However, only one correct attitude to your body may eventually turn unpleasant emotions in the use of bakery products in a real pleasure. Because the body knows what it needs to maintain a balance and be healthy. The human body must gradually learn to listen to my intuition and to be able to satisfy all the desires of the human body. Then he finally can once again hear your inner voice, to improve their heart and return to your true nature, to his source says “Epoch times”.

“Man is his own best doctor,” says the proverb. This statement again gained popularity in medicine. Writer Horst Kohler in his newspaper articles and in his book “Life without diets” reveals this principle. The human body knows what nutrients he needs. On this basis, the body develops a need for certain products, which guarantees him adequate nutrition. Such a mechanism has been operating for thousands of years and deserves our trust. Listening to the needs of their own body by using a balanced diet to maintain optimal weight and be healthy.

Semi-finished and finished products, which are offered in a wide range in supermarkets are subjected to constant criticism from nutrition specialists. Being attractive and alluring package with the table of contents, these products actually do not contain neither promised nor necessary for us nutrients.

The quality of these products differs significantly from the expectations of the buyer. For example, strawberry yoghurt must contain a rich mix of dairy products and fruit, actually contains only artificial flavorings and no strawberries. Even in respect of milk in many low-fat yoghurts, it is replaced with artificial substitutes.

Meanwhile, the human body, although it uses dairy products and strawberries, but notes that it did not receive what was expected. Because the yogurt they are not, or are available but in insufficient quantities. This causes the body to bewilderment, as he continues to feel hunger. As a result, we “pollute” your body with so-called empty calories. Over time the body gets used to such food and feel even more hunger, which is far beyond the needs of the body. In this situation the person is forced to deal with excessive weight, diet, or hopelessly to accept.

Eating to use natural and high quality supplements, and pay attention to their needs, listen to your inner voice, the human body can get enormous pleasure from it and keep a healthy body weight, just in time for the holidays

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