Biologists first raised the Mature heart muscle
American biologists from Columbia University in the city of new York for the first time grown stem cells from muscle tissue with the same characteristics of the human heart. The structure was obtained in record time, it is noted in a scientific paper published in the journal Nature. According... Read more
10 amazing facts about women’s nipples
1. The nipples develop in the embryo even before the genitals, and both men and women. 2. Nipples and areola can be absolutely any color and size. 3. Nipples – strong erogenous zone. During stimulation of the nipples in the brain are activated the same areas, and during stimulation... Read more
Scho Takeo occlusion Sudan, oznaki, treatment
Uclusu Sudan prinjato, wagati porsenna Projet Niger. Vono Mauger Buti villicana Tim scho Prout Sudan postijno sakriti on pewny dlanc. I hvoroba fenicoti Mauger Yak at kncok – verhnih I Ninh, so I have stcwiki I mosku. Varto vdras zvernuti the attention of every scho zaymatysya lchannel this zacharovanna... Read more
How many regions will receive medical products for the treatment of heart attacks
The Ministry of health has sent to the regions medical products that are needed for operations in acute myocardial. The Ministry of health sent to the regional medical institutions of more than 5 thousand stents for the free surgeries with acute myocardial infarction. This was reported by the press... Read more
The scientists said that it can protect the vessels from atherosclerosis
Having listened to the recommendations of scientists, you can protect yourself from the most common vascular disease. Atherosclerosis develops as a result of blockage of blood vessels of cholesterol deposits. Moreover, the vessel walls are not elastic, which further exacerbates the situation and slows down your blood circulation. In... Read more
Doctors created a plaster against food poisoning
Scientists have created a plaster that can recognize harmful bacteria like Read more
Physicians discovered the mechanism of memory in bacteria
Researchers from the United States reported that they found a new mechanism that allows talking about the detection of memory in bacteria. As it was possible to learn, this discovery is very important, as it allows to learn more about the life of bacteria. It used to be that... Read more
The new technology will restore teeth without filling
Scientists have achieved serious results in the restoration of tooth enamel. Scientists have proposed a way to speed up the restoration of tooth enamel based on small proteins. The authors are confident that as a result, a convenient method of counteracting caries can be obtained. Read more
Scientists have named an unexpected factor that may impair the memory
The study was conducted by specialists from the United States. Some time ago, American scientists made a statement about the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle. Experts believe that this way of life harms long-term memory, making some of the thinner parts of the brain responsible for memories, reports the... Read more
Biologists from the United States discovered the bacteria that cause obesity
Scientists have discovered in the intestines of humans eating greasy Western food, special microbes that contribute to the absorption of fat in the digestion of food and accelerate the development of obesity, according to a paper published in the journal Cell Host & Microbe. “These bacteria proved to be... Read more