About this title eye diseases like glaucoma, probably, heard many. But, in fact, glaucoma is a common name of a group of eye diseases,... How does the treatment of eye diseases by laser

About this title eye diseases like glaucoma, probably, heard many. But, in fact, glaucoma is a common name of a group of eye diseases, varieties of which there are more than six dozen. But the characteristic feature of all one – increased pressure inside the eyeball. There is a common feature of this group is a special transformation of the region of the optic nerve, leading to distortion of the image, strong pain, narrowing of the visual field.

Why laser and not a knife?

On the website zirochka.ua you can find out what is the non-surgical treatments of view, and get advice at the expense of non-surgical treatment of vision directly in the eye care center Sirocco.

Treatment of eye diseases – glaucoma – can occur with medication or by surgery (classic knife, laser). The operation is assigned only when the medicine is powerless. But the choice of method of surgical intervention will depend on the degree of neglect of the disease. Preference for laser intervention is done in two cases:

• when the medicine is powerless;
• when an acute attack of the disease cannot be cut short.

Healthy eye he knows how to keep the balance of the pressure by adjusting the inflow/outflow of the liquid. In the diseased eye (for various reasons) this process is disturbed, the fluid accumulates, pressure increases, causing severe pain attacks. The laser, due to its high accuracy, short-term exposure, noninvasiveness, it is possible to stop the pain, prevent the return of disease in the future.

For the treatment of glaucoma offer such modern methods as laser trabeculoplasty. It shows the efficiency, due to the following obvious advantages:

1) promptness, quickness;
2) the absence of contraindications somatic nature due to the use of local anesthesia;
3) minimal trauma;
4) painless;
5) the minimum period of rehabilitation.

The operation lasts less than half an hour on an outpatient basis, that is, finding the patient in the hospital is not required. Local anesthesia drip, after which the patient sits in front of the camera. Improving the outflow of fluid is accomplished by the production of 50 microscopic “burns” with a laser, thereby increasing cellular optic camera. If the patient does not feel any pain or discomfort, but only sees a small laser flash green, red colors.

In addition to this method, eye care center Sirocco deals with the diagnosis, prevention and correction of vision (including children’s), hardware and non-surgical treatment, production of various lenses, and many others.

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