Doctors are reminded that in some cases, antibiotics are contraindicated
Temperature and runny nose, cough and even headache with similar symptoms the vast majority of people start self-appointed course of antibiotics. Any results from such assistance, is not likely to bring. Moreover, you are risking the growth of bacteria, has already received resistance to the drugs. Here are five... Read more
The most dangerous combination of ingredients when taking medicines
Doctors do not recommend eating some foods during the medication. Usually, in the instructions for each tablet is written, what other medications cannot be taken at the same time. But the fact that this is prohibited is, virtually no manufacturer writes. The only thing many people know, so it’s... Read more
The doctors debunk common health myths
A huge part of health information contains more videmanette than the truth. People used to believe in yourself, and word of mouth, and now the Internet than to health care professionals. Because of this, a number of different diseases without stop growing and your doctor patients treated when there... Read more
The Ministry of health has proposed to increase doctors ‘ salaries: who will earn more
The doctor will receive for the maintenance of each child under the age of 5 years 1.4 thousand UAH per year. According to the draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On approval of the procedure of implementation of state guarantees of medical care of the population... Read more
The doctors explained what are the consequences for men vegetarianism
The refusal of men from the protein negatively affects the ability to reproduce subsequent generations The lack of meat in the diet of the father greatly affects the fertility of his children, found by biologists in the study. It turned out, the sperm cells in the offspring had become... Read more
Aspirin annually kills thousands of people – study
Scientists from Oxford University have concluded that aspirin can not only help, but to be the cause of death. According to preliminary information, he is daily killing dozens of people. In the UK alone each year aspirin becomes the cause of more than 20 thousand cases of various diseases... Read more
A man gave birth to a child for the first time in Finland
Weight newborn – nearly 4 kg, growth – 53 centimetres. In Finland, the first recorded case of a child begat his father. The birth was to take place in the first half of March, however, the child was born a few weeks later, according to the with reference... Read more
The fight against drug and alcohol addiction
As you know, people tend to indulge their own lusts, and suffering from different habits and addictions. Some are mental, others already have a physiological basis. For example, alcoholism or drug addiction. Neither one nor the other based on not heal by itself. The only chance to get rid... Read more
Doctors exposed the myths about warts
Outside the medical environment about warts there are a lot of different rumors and myths. A wart is a benign tumor, characterize physicians familiar formation on the skin. This writes the with reference to Warts appear those who are not too neat and not washing his hands.... Read more
Scientists have learned how to stop the blindness
Scientists have developed an innovative implant. American scientists have found a way to stop blindness — the method is based on the use of stem cells. This writes the with reference to Outdoor experts method will be effective in the treatment of macular degeneration from the disease,... Read more