Lose weight in 20 years a lot easier than to do the same in 50 years, this pattern has a scientific and medical explanation.... Why with age harder to lose weight

Lose weight in 20 years a lot easier than to do the same in 50 years, this pattern has a scientific and medical explanation. Why age is more difficult to get rid of excess weight?
The older the person becomes, the harder it is to get rid of excess weight. That is why extra pounds you have to think about getting rid of them right now, then it will be more problematic.
Especially strongly this tendency is felt, with women, they gain weight during pregnancy for a number of physiological reasons, but then are unable to get rid of it. Why lose weight in 20 years a lot easier than to do the same in 50 years?

Changes in the muscular system
With age the human body slows the metabolic processes, the main reason for the slowdown was the weakening of the muscular system. Muscles play a crucial role in the maintenance of metabolic rate, they make the metabolism become faster. The fewer muscles, the stronger slows down the metabolism, the easier body fat is formed. In order not to gain weight because of slow metabolism, maintain muscle tone regular exercise and to follow the diet and to avoid excess of calories.

Increase the amount of fat
The human body has several types of fat, with age, the ratio between them is changing. The main fat tissue in the body is a white and brown fat, brown fat plays an important role, he is involved in thermoregulation and metabolism. The older the person becomes, the lower becomes the percentage of brown fat in his body, the amount of white fat, on the contrary, becomes higher. White fat is the unspent calories, the more calories will be unused, the greater will be body fat. In order to control the amount of white fat, you must go on a diet with a reduced calorie diet and regularly to burn calories through physical activity.
A high level of stress
With age, the level of stress becomes higher and it makes it difficult to lose weight. The older the person becomes, the higher the level of responsibility, especially if it is a serious situation at work and bringing up children. Stress associated with increased production of the hormone cortisol, it accumulates in the fatty tissues of the body. There are many ways to manage stress, first and foremost is the normalization of day, quality of sleep, ability to enjoy life.
If stress can’t handle yourself, then you need to seek psychological help.

Changes in lifestyle
With age, the level of physical activity decreases, which affects the condition of the body. To maintain the level of activity needed in any age, regular visits to a gym or other workout format help to keep yourself in shape, burn excess calories and to maintain a normal level of metabolism.
There is no such age at which people can maintain a healthy lifestyle. The older you get, the more attention should be paid to nutrition and exercise, if this is not done, then at some point you can discover on your body a large amount of excess weight. With age lose those extra pounds will be much more difficult, while the natural mechanisms of maintaining a stable body weight will remain available for everyone.


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