To grow up a happy and confident child will help simple rules It would be desirable to protect the baby from the problems, there... Top 7 things every parent should teach their child

To grow up a happy and confident child will help simple rules

It would be desirable to protect the baby from the problems, there are situations that your child needs to learn to solve on their own. The best assistance a parent is to teach your child how to cope with such difficulties, to protect yourself in the future.

These 7 rules of life will help your child to grow up happy and confident.

Learn to say “no”

Problem: a Classmate asks you to cheat on a test. Your child agrees, and as a result, teachers in table two for the same work, and, of course, underestimate the one who is actually not guilty.

Solution: Explain to your child that the way he devalues himself and his power spent, he taught and was preparing for a test, and someone is just using his knowledge. In order to teach the child to refuse, advise him first to answer: “I haven’t done yet. When done, it will help you not to distract me.” Reasoned formulation will give the kid confidence in their actions and will teach in the future to do only what he really wants.

Learn to fight back without fists

Problem:are high school classmates mock your child — call him names and tease. The baby doesn’t want to go to school, because to be there for him now the moral torment.

Solution: In this situation, parents should not intervene in the conflict directly, as it can only worsen the position of the baby in the class. Explain to your child that the problem is not with him and the instigator, because by insulting others he tries to present himself as more of a badass than he really is. The most effective way to solve the problem is to show the offender that his words do not affect you. If the baby will laugh in response to insults and his whole appearance to show that it is nonsense, then, not seeing the expected reaction, the children stop doing it. This approach teaches you to get out of the situation victorious, not by force.

The rating is not important

Problem: Every time a child gets a low rating, he begins a tantrum. He cries that he could not do better. He is afraid to see the diary, because the parents will complain.

Solution: Many parents desire to give their child the most knowledge and best education lay in the consciousness of the baby fear of getting a bad grade. Naturally, grades are important, but the child should not be afraid to go home with a bad grade in the diary. Do not yell or scold him. Show your child that your love for him is not dependent on performance. Badly written test? Nothing wrong, next time I will prepare better and be sure to correct it! This attitude to failure will help the child not afraid of difficulties in the future.

Learn to help and protect someone who is weaker

Problem: the Child talks about how the school bully a classmate, and it is this situation unpleasant, but to protect the weak, he is afraid.

Solution: Most students are afraid to help the weak, because they fear to become victims. This same fear is stalking us and when we’re adults: we can see how people offend, for example, those who stand below them on the social ladder, but usually just silently turn away. Therefore, it is important to convey to the child the idea that strength lies in the compassion and ability to help. Ask the child to help around the house and trust him to be responsible for his younger brother, cousin or even just a little kitten — thus the child will learn empathy and will feel the strength to confront the problem.

Enjoy what you do

Problem: First school, then clubs, sports clubs, tutoring and homework. The kid looks haggard and tired, and walks with peers in the fresh air prefers lying in bed.

Solution: well-intentioned parents trying literally every minute to paint the everyday life of your child that he reached in life as possible, well “to the bad thoughts in my head did not climb”. However, these impulses they forget to teach the main point: just what are you doing in the pleasure that brings joy and real success. Let your child highlight every day at least one hour on what he likes: computer games, console, soccer or drawing.

Sport is a part of your life

Problem: the Child is withdrawn and extremely shy. Prefers to stay home in my room and no one to talk to.

Solution: Write down the child in sports section. Important note: you should choose exactly team sports. A group of teammates with whom you need to communicate in the General interest and business, will develop your kid. He will have new friends and Hobbies, besides the sport develops self-confidence and your body. Also parents should discard their own prejudices and write a child to school only for the direction that he actually likes. For example, your son likes to dance. So, write it to the dance, but not at football, otherwise the sport will only irritate and give the opposite effect.

Love yourself for who you are

Problem: “Mary has very beautiful hair, and Katya”s eyes as the heroine of my favorite movie. And I’m ugly” sooner or later children start to compare themselves with others that then can grow into huge complexes.

Solution: no Matter if you have a son or daughter, every child wants to feel beautiful and talented. So praise your baby, make compliments his appearance. If a child has an idol, show pictures of him in his childhood / to glory / without photoshop. These examples perfectly illustrate that we are all not perfect, but nevertheless we are all unique and special.

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