If you are one of the most intuitive signs? Can you determine whether you have a “sixth sense”? Intuition is that small inner voice... The top 6 most intuitive signs of the Zodiac — the owners of the “sixth sense”

If you are one of the most intuitive signs? Can you determine whether you have a “sixth sense”? Intuition is that small inner voice that is present in each of us, but we do not always pay attention to it, or simply ignored.

1. Gemini
Gemini – very social people, and they instinctively know what to say to ingratiate himself with people or strike up a conversation. Moreover, this sign predicts in advance that you are going to say before you voiced your thoughts. The intuition of the Twins helps them to understand how they should behave in any situation, and they are ingenious in terms of how skillfully to leave a bright and positive first impression.

2. Cancer
For Cancer intuition and a powerful awareness of their emotions go hand in hand, it is not surprising that they are very attentive to your inner voice. Not only that, Cancers are empaths and can feel the emotions of loved ones, they are still susceptible to feelings of complete strangers. The intuitiveness of this sign is the main reason why many people feel comfortable interacting with them – they know that Cancer understand what they are feeling without even explaining to him his condition.

3. Virgin
Virgo is extremely observant, which may be the answer to why they are so intuitive: they never lose sight of and noticed every little thing that you do not pay any attention. Virgin are not able to perceive many events and situations easily, and they tend to over-analyze everything. Life is one big mystery to Virgo, and she often feels almost compelled to find out what is under the surface.

4. Libra
Libra hypersensitive to everything: to themselves, to their thoughts, feelings and what is happening with the world. Thanks to their inner voice, they also foresee all potential dangers and threats, but that doesn’t make them less optimistic. Libra has the ability to see the positive in everything, they feel the nuances of each situation, and well understand all the prospects, especially when it comes to possible conflicts. They refuse to perceive the world in black and white, because intuitively I know that things are not so simple, in life there is a spectrum of colors and shades.

5. Scorpio
Scorpions crazy developed intuition in relation to other people. For example, they are literally on the physical level, you catch a lie in any form. No matter what you do or say, Scorpio always knows the truth. This sign is very sharp perception of the world, and they know all the motives of his actions and words. I do not expect anything to fool the Scorpio, you can’t do it – he can easily read your thoughts and make fools out of you.

6. Fish
Intuitive people tend to be creative, Fish is one of the most creative of zodiac signs. Their inspiration is also the voice of their intuition. They just follow it without asking questions, and as a result they create something fantastic. Their work begins deep inside, and realize its origins is almost impossible. Fish is also extremely sensitive, so they are able to experience future events, even when still there are no prerequisites.

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