The syndrome of learned helplessness – a situation in which a person does not attempt to improve their condition, although has the opportunity. In... The syndrome of learned helplessness: how to stop living according to the principle

The syndrome of learned helplessness – a situation in which a person does not attempt to improve their condition, although has the opportunity. In other words – the lifestyle, when you have a bad ass grow, the door to the kitchen already at the nozzle is kept from last forces, not going on vacation, but to change all this not trying. Though can. But the motivation is no. It seems that there is no choice, and your life is controlled by circumstance, not you.

The term was coined by psychologist Martin Seligman, who in 1964 in the laboratories of the University of Pennsylvania observed the dogs. Well, as it was observed. Beat them current. According to the study, it became clear that the dogs that had the ability to click on and off voltage, and in the end escaped the cage and won sadism. Dogs who have in the cage there was a switch taunts, not even trying to run. Silently accepted his fate and even wagged his tail at the ball and the cat. That is to say, had accepted their helplessness forever.

Intolerant of research scientists picked up the Connecticut in 1970. “Dog” experience they had on Oldies at the nursing home. Stop gurgle of tears, no current retirees not bludgeoned. On the contrary. They were given unprecedented conditions, opportunities and quality of life. With only one amendment – the first group brought in croissants and baked milk in bed on a strict schedule, and the second… And the second just had to ask. Roughly speaking, all the old people lived in the full chocolate. Only the second group of chocolate needed. The results of the experiment surprised: the first group was unhappy. Crumpling jaw chewed lobster and complained about life. Their learned helplessness, and their opinion was not interested. At that time, another group – the one where you had to ask for lobster, then complain of the absence of teeth and to force someone to chew – felt just fabulous. Their physical and psychological health was much higher than the first group. Why? They were given a choice. It turned out that the realization that you are unable to change something, choose the color of the bed sheets and the degree of projapanese Omar – the strongest vital energy. These people are not helpless.

How so?
This syndrome usually appears after several unsuccessful attempts to affect the negative circumstances of life and is characterized by lethargy and passivity. For example, you demanded a raise, threatened with dismissal and sent out applications to other companies, but the exhaust did not happen. You’re sitting in the same chair in the same economical office, near dry ficus and colleague with hairy tower on the head. Or you finally decided to sew. T-shirt your not like, a tiny designer contest is lost, and the guy says, what do you do medieval stuff. That’s all. Hands down. You attribute to themselves the mark of the loser, refuse to change their lives, do not want to act decisively and take uncomfortable their living conditions, even in cases when the fate she gives you a great opportunity to change everything. “Why would I from here to eternity, if all my efforts to no avail?”, says imaginary helpless and continues to live in an uncomfortable world to him.

How can you recognize?
“But isn’t it common depression?” you can ask. “No,” it is important I will answer. From the usual depression this syndrome is characterized by the presence of complaints of physical health, its willingness to blame herself for all the problems and the absolute conviction that you are lazy and incompetent. Depression is “I could, but I don’t want” the syndrome of learned helplessness is “I’m tired, I can’t.” Feel the subtle difference?
Watch yourself. People with this syndrome is afraid of losing unloved work, feels like losing interest in the profession, believes the success of their endeavors, not trying to learn new sports or creative, jealous partner (because he feels a victim of all circumstances), hates economic and political changes (after all, cannot and does not want to influence them), finds the early stage of the development of the disease. The latter is due to the fact that a person begins to feel discomfort, weakness or pain, so aware of his helplessness before the circumstances. “What did I do to deserve this?” he asks himself the question and is disappointed in life. This becomes the impetus to quite a healthy and happy girl decides that she no longer believes and expects nothing.

How to win?
1. Regularly pass medical examination. This will help you to root to get rid of physiological problems and not to invent a fatal disease that will kill you in the Prime of life.

2. To have sex. The hormones of happiness, improved self-esteem, pleasure, physical activity
all of this is very bracing and pull out of the swamp called “the monotony and ashes.”

3. Shopping spree. Yes, Yes, Yes! And Yes! Stores soothe you and say that your word is meaningful. You have a choice, and you’re doing it yourself. Want a shirt in “the Christmas tree”, and want – pants “pineapple”.

4. Find favorite sport. And indulge in pleasure. The more you break your laziness on the yoga Mat, the less will seem unreal to you your goals.

5. To make the repairs. There is no cure cooler from the syndrome of learned helplessness than your own project you from A to Z. And audit on the balcony – the easiest of the options.

6. To get involved with a new hobby. Obtaining and mastering new information – a small victory of your brain. And the person who wins, not helpless priori.

7. To fight. Remember the story about the dogs? Try to escape from the cell, and the life never hits you with current.

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