The Ukrainian mass-market brand One by One together with the Cosmopolitan magazine continues to reveal new boundaries of friendship and mutual love. This time... Successful girls are told how to balance motherhood and work

The Ukrainian mass-market brand One by One together with the Cosmopolitan magazine continues to reveal new boundaries of friendship and mutual love. This time it was manifested through the stories of three very different but equally busy and active girls. Their 24/7 rhythm does not prevent them to live happily and bring up beautiful children, enjoying every moment.

Arevik Arzumanova, the organizer of the festival #Mamalet

For our last question of the interview: – “Arevik, how to do everything?”, she honestly and without much thought said, “No way!”. More proper response to such a difficult question to think hard. In this phrase there is the whole reality of the life of a modern mom, which is not ready to just sit at home all day and sacrifice personal development.

“Every modern mom it is important to understand and are not afraid that never in my life – to be alone, to feel sad and do nothing – it is normal! Due to the large number of stereotypes in our lives, ladies forbid themselves to show such emotions. And from this relapse and chronic state of the global discontent. Social networks broadcast motherhood as something rosy and serene. But in real life, it is not so! I am opposed to formulaic, stereotypical thinking. To play normally, not to prepare the child every morning fresh pancakes, also normal. The main thing is to feel comfortable and happy! And then your family will be harmonious and happy. The woman life must meet both the such a large number of statuses that without recharging it is impossible to do. Everyone is their own – drawing, music, sports, series, shopping. Never be guided by empty and attractive pictures in Instagram. Our festival #Mamalet was created and is still intended to help the modern parents to find harmony and get rid of stereotypical thinking. People go to #Mamalet because we always give them emotions of joy, happiness and pleasure. Your audience we’ll make or give them travel, relaxation, sports and many other areas of development.“

Sofia Stuzhuk, the owner of clothing brand If Only Wear, blogger

“My blog on Instagram appeared spontaneously, I never planned it. It all started with the first pregnancy – I wrote a post about it, which instantly interested many. Parallel to this my husband and I moved to another city where I had neither friends nor acquaintances. And every day, learning more about their situation, I wanted someone to share. Or if there are controversial issues, I wanted them with someone to discuss. And I started to write in social networks. For a page on Instagram people started to come very rapidly. I liked to write posts, to convey information to people – about motherhood, sports, life in General. And to the day of birth, the number of subscribers reached 90 thousand. It’s nice when girls write to me direct, and tell how a change in their life. They lose weight, and learning how to care for yourself and want to share with me your results. Slowly turned even create your marathon race – initially workout, we filmed with her husband, at home, on the phone. Now it is a professional course, which was attended by about 30 thousand people.

There is also a brand of clothes, the style of which is inspired by Western fashion, sport chic. But I made clothes for myself because this was not in Ukraine, and can be ordered at different sites was not interested. And accidentally met with his current seamstress, we were able to create a brand that exceeded all my expectations.

To always do everything and be active 24/7 I try to delegate some things to others – a maid, help of her husband, invited a nanny, when they understand that she can not cope. Motherhood I always on the first place, I find it easier to sacrifice sleep time, rather than abandon hours walk with the children.”

Anastasia Olegovna, entrepreneur

“My occupation is network marketing. And everything happened quite spontaneously – the child was only 2.5 months when I started to work actively. I got the offer and decided to try a new business. The first time even went to business meetings with my son. Now, having reached a certain financial level, I relaxed a bit and are not forced to commute to the office every day. I can now afford all dreamed about for 23 years. Yes, this path I took for a long time. I was lucky that I had an active Instagram, which has become a great launching pad has allowed me to build a successful business. Every step in this field, I do just for the sake of your child, I want to give him the best kindergarten, school, education and future. The higher the income, the more my queries. It motivates to improve their skills, work better and better. Want to learn efficient use of time and money. I understand that I could invest in a good idea, as not yet ready to generate ideas for myself. This would be another vector of my development and cooperation.“

Acquainted with three very different young mothers, we realized that to build a successful career, learn to be in harmony with oneself and with the world, only making a lot of work and time. And most importantly never drive themselves into the framework that so often allows itself to broadcast the society. To hear their desires, understand the capabilities and skill to apply it in everyday life – here are the main points to implement to achieve their goals!

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