The jokes are far from reality. 31 may the whole world celebrates the world day of blondes. Blonde ladies get the full right to...

The jokes are far from reality.

31 may the whole world celebrates the world day of blondes. Blonde ladies get the full right to dominate, to dominate and to humiliate fans to joke about the lack thereof of intelligence. Although finding the root cause of these jokes is not possible.

Psychologists still have not come to a consensus about why there were jokes about stupid blondes. The greatest distribution has received the following theory: at the subconscious level we have preserved the archetype of the blond man as wise years. Blond hair has long been associated with wisdom, Holiness, purity – remember only Golden-haired and blue-eyed angels. Grandparents, as the most experienced members of the society earlier were honoured.

Here only the young blonde still didn’t have the necessary life experience, because their way too greatly at odds with reality. Although psychologists say, often blonde much more decisive and confident than their dark-haired and redhead sisters.

It is believed that the myth about the stupidity of blondes roots in the famous work “Gentlemen prefer blondes”. The book, Broadway production and then the two film adaptation, the most famous of which is of Marilyn Monroe. Loreli If not very stupid, it is more prudent, but the dream of an easy life, coupled with attempts to achieve this due to the cute appearance… well, since the image of the silly blonde has become almost a cult.
But now, this stereotype is slowly but surely breaking down. Blonde become a famous actress, is controlled by huge corporations and even States, write best sellers and proves that being beautiful and intelligent is even possible. Among the most famous natural blondes Angela Merkel, Sharon stone, Hillary Clinton, Dalia Grybauskaite, Anna gavalda, J. K. Rowling, Mary Kay, jodie foster and Madonna.

If earlier the most famous character was the aforementioned Marilyn Monroe, now among the blonde beauties undisputed leader of Daenerys Targaryen, aka Daenerys Stormborn of house Targaryen, called the first of the blood of old Valyria, burning, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals, Oinarov and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great grass Sea, Breaker of chains and mother of Dragons. In every sense a posh woman who wanted to spit on your stereotypes about blondes.

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