Crazy stick go to the next level. Comb If you put on smooth and oblong handle comb a condom, you’ll get quite a ordinary... Sex toys at home: hand-made, which will bring you pleasure

Crazy stick go to the next level.


If you put on smooth and oblong handle comb a condom, you’ll get quite a ordinary Dildo. Vibration and other lotions, the easiest. Make sure that no piece of plastic is not sticking out of the handle itself and the texture of the arm was nice. Admit it, you thought about it.

Ice cube tray

Oral pleasure with the change of temperature is always a good idea. Use ice cubes to cool gently the nipples and genitals. And try it during a Blowjob! The movement back and forth between the heat of the mouth and the cold ice will help to bring your boyfriend to the most insane orgasm.

Electric toothbrush

Try to masturbate with your toothbrush, holding it outside on the clitoris. Just make sure to wash it with soap and water, and focus on the vibration arm, not moving bristles.

Kitchen rubber paddle

Let your partner will flick you with a rubber spatula, if you have sex in the kitchen and utensils were at hand. Its soft rubber material is perfect for newcomers to the world of BDSM.


While scarf or tie can slide through the body, to banish, to distract you and move out, the belt will replace the handcuffs and the whip with full dedication. Wrap it around the body or hands of your partner a few times and start!

Your iPhone

There are plenty of apps that can turn your phone into a vibrator made by hand. Just don’t forget to disinfect the phone before you begin to masturbate with him. In the end, you wouldn’t have to RUB my vulva all the surfaces that you ever put your phone, right?

Bead necklace

Tease your partner, the leading beads necklace in his naked body. Also can drive them up and down the penis, if the guy does not scare me, the fact that you engage in sex the grandmother’s heirloom. Bonus: pre-throw the necklace in the refrigerator for extra sensation buzz.

Elastic hair band

Can be used as a makeshift ring for the penis. Just give preference to the now fashionable elastic band from the 90’s – broad and comprehensive. Otherwise there is a fear of passing the most expensive thing in your pants your boyfriend (not a purse).


I want a modicum of masochism? Try paper clips! Just be careful with these solid plastic edges, they are not cool, I can make it hurt.


Never throw away old pantyhose! First, dry the onions. And secondly, they can be used as a blindfold, a rope for binding hands or feet. A very useful thing.

Washing machine

Ask your boyfriend to take you on top of the washing machine and let the vibrations do its thing.

Detachable shower head

If you have a removable shower, try to masturbate with him and give warm water to play with her clitoris.

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