Many might have already define the country, schedule a date and now live with thoughts of distant lands. But to buy a swimsuit, plane... Rules for a successful holiday: how to turn from a person in the surviving

Many might have already define the country, schedule a date and now live with thoughts of distant lands. But to buy a swimsuit, plane tickets and book hotel – does not mean to prepare for the trip. In anticipation of the holiday season to share a list of things that will help you not to turn your journey into a story about a Ukrainian Robinson Crusoe.

Power Bank

Yes, it is this magical box you have to take in the first place. Abroad we use smartphones are ever more frequent, because they replace our cameras, maps, iPods and more. So you don’t have to save precious percent charge on your phone – take a trip to the portable charger and use the smartphone to its fullest!

Board games

It would seem that entertainment is the first thing you should consider, going on vacation. But you probably noticed that such details are already remember lying on the beach with a Margarita in hand. To have something to do with my friends on the beach or during a trip on a trip, don’t forget to find a secluded place in your suitcase for a few Board games. Bring the cards with you, Fanty, UNO – whatever it does not take up much space like you.

App with offline maps

You probably already do not just have to buy different maps of cities and try to focus on them how to get to the Museum, monument or other attraction. Why the extra headache? Just download the app with detailed maps available offline. So you will save a lot of time, your precious nerves and a couple of dollars that would have to pay the local traders guides.

Means of communication

No matter how well abroad as at home there will always be people who love you and wait from you interesting news and beautiful photos. Before you travel be sure to install Viber. With it, you can make free calls to loved ones at night, to send photos of the girls from the coast or, if necessary, to get in touch with your tour operator. Unlike expensive roaming tariffs for calls through the services of messengers are not only cheaper but offer great quality relationships – girlfriend without problems to recognize your enthusiasm. Improved security, innovative features, and the community in which both can communicate and share content to 1 billion users will help you to tell about your holidays in one click.

Cosmopolitan Magazine

And as they say the British – the last but not the least. Robinson Crusoe surely not refuse to have interesting magazine, which you can browse at your leisure. Unfortunately, it was not possible. And you have it! Find Luggage in your place for a couple of fresh editions of Cosmopolitan to not get bored on the plane, waiting room or on the beach when the topic of conversation with my girlfriends has dried up.

And remember: the story of Robinson Crusoe is interesting only when this role is played by the hero of Daniel Defoe, and not you. So, wherever lay your way this summer on the French Riviera, the distant Islands of the Philippines or to the majestic mountains of Georgia – don’t forget to prepare for the trip. Let our tips will help you in this important matter and will make your stay as pleasant, relaxing and easy.

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