How to Express their feelings guys different signs of the Zodiac
When you meet a new guy, then almost immediately begin to try to understand his attitude towards you configured whether it is serious or just counting on a short-term affair? To understand this will help stars, more precisely, his Zodiac sign. Astrologers have analyzed the behavior of boys different... Read more
All the most intelligent people are United by one property – the scientists
An interesting statement was made by experts from new Mexico and Berlin. Experts from the University of new Mexico and Berlin”s Humboldt University found that people with a higher IQ have fewer connections in the cerebral cortex. As the authors of interesting research, they analyzed the brains of volunteers... Read more
Created the film, which can be controlled by the brain
The film will adapt to the activity of the brain British scientist from the University of Nottingham Richard Ramchurn invented a movie called “the Moment”, the story which changes depending on the brain activity of the audience. In order to read this data, they invented a special program, reports... Read more
Neurologists are taught to get rid of the song stuck in my head
The phenomenon of “stuck” song is known to many people. You can listen to any song and then she will pursue you. Syndrome haunting melodies more characteristic of women, although men also suffer from it. Neuroscientists answer questions about what underlies this phenomenon and how to appease “long-playing” the... Read more
Divorce is hereditary and not acquired?
It is no secret that people are modeling their relationships, forced to copy the behavior of their parents. This factor is often cited as one of the main reasons of many divorces. But is it really? A group of scientists from the University of Virginia together with colleagues from... Read more
Researchers: life experience can change brain structure
Life experience can affect the structure of the brain. To such conclusion scientists from the University of Guelph. They believe that everything experienced by a person affects the structure of his brain. The researchers conducted an experiment in which volunteers were asked to consider familiar and unfamiliar objects. It... Read more
Is it worth giving a child to study in the summer?
Recently, summer development courses for children have become very popular. They have different purposes: preparation for school, profile training (for example, in-depth study of languages, mathematics, programming), preparation and implementation of Read more
It has become known which work destroys the psyche
These calculations were made taking into account such nuances as temperament. Some of the conditions that millions of people are forced to tolerate in their work are destructively affecting their mental state, according to research conducted Read more
The ability to experience anger and hatred underlies happiness
To this conclusion came the researchers of the Hebrew University. In their opinion, people experience more happiness if they allow themselves to show not only positive, but also negative emotions, for example, anger and hatred. During the large-scale experiment, in which Read more
Pavel Globa gave his predictions each Zodiac sign for June 2018
So summer has arrived! From what you and congratulations. What surprises should we expect from the month of June? This will tell popular Russian astrologer Pavel Globa Aries June for Aries will be quite active. There is a great chance to realize an interesting business idea. The enthusiasm of... Read more