From the posts that consistently appear in the Instagram-account of the presenter, it is clear that Mary is not sitting. Every week a new... Masha Efrosinina told how to get out of conflict with a man

From the posts that consistently appear in the Instagram-account of the presenter, it is clear that Mary is not sitting. Every week a new city and a new meeting with the women who come to hear the author’s master-class “You’re one”. In addition, Efrosinina launched the section “My shop” in his personal blog on YouTube channel.

According to Masha, cool blogger she believes, and learning the new terrain. Judging by the activity and responses of the subscribers under the video, it turns out she’s on a solid “roundabout”.
Beginner blogger to application tips approached with humor. So all the advice on the topics of parenting, nutrition, self-care and relationships with men served in the light and cheerful form.

In one of the fresh “Pyatorochka” Masha Efrosinina raised juicy topic about relationships with men. Or rather how to withdraw from conflict with man.

– When we fight with a man, it seems to us that life was over that once the divorce is that he will never love me that he always did what there is no forgiveness. However, you need to be able to get out of those conflicts, – Mrs. Mary.

To quarrel is not turned into the end of life, but exactly what in women’s heads is happening, Efrosinina made my five rules that will help to find a way out of a conflict situation.

Rule 1: Try to Express to him the essence of his grievances

Yeah, it’s hard! I know what you’re going through in that moment, when you hurt a man. You can’t say you have a lump in my throat. Do you have cotton inside. Some invisible force presses down this offense. And tells you: No, shut up! Pout. Despicable look at it! But there is one problem. Man may not understand why you are offended. Not even guess. So you need some way all the lumps out of yourself to get hurt to also get. Come and tell him why you’re offended.

Rule 2: If you’re wrong, learn to make peace first

Of course, we are always right. At 150 percent. The blame always. But, nevertheless, each of us in that moment, when she is strongly offended the man, say something, not say something, somewhere, somewhere in the wand will bend. Understands that somewhere wronged him. If you this signal is internal got, you know, that hurt, come to him and start to put up.

Rule number 3: don’t take offense on the night

The rule in our family was my idea. Because I’m a woman emotional, sensitive. I think, like many of you. The fact is that when you quarreled, quarreling badly, and it’s time to sleep, the biggest thing you can do is go to sleep angry at each other, not talking, facing away from each other, start to snore. It’s terrible for me. First, it is a sleepless night. Second, the conflict will be even worse. Thirdly, it is possible to prolong the hurt for another day until the next night. Well, there’s a chain reaction. It’s hard, but we need some way to agree that you are falling out hard, don’t go to sleep!

Rule 4: do Not manipulate children

This, in my opinion, the toughest mistake with a pair because it is the most predictable. Well, look itself. There are children who love you, love you both equally. And then the parents start to figure out their relationship, due to the manipulation of children. First, you are not reconciled. Second, your relationship is not improved. And thirdly, you still will cause trauma to your children, that’s only one of me. It’s the same when you ask a child whom you love first. I believe that such manipulation need of families to eradicate.

Rule 5: In a time of conflict and strife not to kick him out of the house

And most do not leave. That’s nothing to do. When you demonstratively pack. You’re all in hysterics. And you think that at this point he needs to take you in my arms, hugged her and say “Mother, dear, sweet, don’t go! I’ll do anything for you”. This will not happen. Tantrums love Men very much. They are scared, crying, screaming. They do all this from women repels. But if you’re Sarah Bernhardt and you need this sketch to finish, you left and slammed the door. In my opinion, this is a serious notch on the relationship and this is a serious worsening of the conflict. The conflict can be resolved much easier. More peacefully, because this is not a conflict, it reeked of war. Don’t do this. The same goes for when you want to drive from his house. Why should I leave? No! Let it out! And a favorite phrase, “get out!” This is all the result will embolden him to be offended, angry and not really wanting you back. Don’t go by yourself, not thrown out of the house, if you do not want your relationship finally collapsed.

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