Recently, summer development courses for children have become very popular. They have different purposes: preparation for school, profile training (for example, in-depth study of... Is it worth giving a child to study in the summer?

Recently, summer development courses for children have become very popular. They have different purposes: preparation for school, profile training (for example, in-depth study of languages, mathematics, programming), preparation and implementation of various projects. Even choosing a summer camp for children, parents have the opportunity to choose a rest in the interests, where the child not only rests, but also will receive a colossal learning experience.

The summer intensity in Soroban® (in the school of mental arithmetic) is one of the most popular summer education programs for school-age children (from 7-11 years old). A short excursion into the program of mental mathematics will help to understand why a child learns an oral account in the summer, and why the intensity is well suited for summer schooling.

What to do in the summer? Method of oral account Soroban®

In the organization of the student’s leisure during the summer holidays, you can choose different ways:

• give the child complete freedom and allow him to rest from school for three months;

• urgently write the baby to the tutors, in the development centers and seriously deal with his education, versatile development.

In the first variant the schoolboy has no worries and obligations. Will such a holiday option bring benefit? Unfortunately no. The result of the lack of mental loads is a sharp decline in academic performance at the beginning of the next academic year. Because of the absence of the regime, discipline suffers. In the fall, it will be difficult for a schoolboy to adapt again to constant loads, to learn independently.

In another case, the student does not have the opportunity to enjoy rest. He changes teachers, the list of compulsory classes is narrowed, but still he continues to study and live in the “must” mode.

The school of mental arithmetic offers a golden mean – to develop the child’s mental abilities, without depriving him of a carefree holiday. The summer intensive course in Soroban® provides the children’s mind with sufficient loads that help not only to maintain the activity of mental work at a high level, but also to further develop mental abilities.

Summer camp for children Soroban®. Peculiarities of studying in summer

Teachers always talked loudly and persistently about the need to deal with children at home. But parents did not always listen to their opinion. Now in Russia the requirements to education have significantly increased, so mothers and dads try to develop their children comprehensively from an early age.

The method of oral counting Soroban® is a modern program that not only teaches children the skills of quick counting in the mind, but develops the most diverse facets of children’s intellect. In a short thirty-day course, children acquire more than just getting to know the principles of working on Japanese abacus. They:

• develop memory and thinking;

• Learn to solve arithmetic problems much faster than their peers;

• train the right and left hemispheres of the brain;

• develop imagination, right hemisphere (irrational and creative thinking);

• develop logical thinking and the ability to analyze information;

• develop perseverance, get used to self-discipline and self-study.

Summer training is often more useful than doing school in the same period of time. Why? Yes, because in summer the schoolchildren have much more free time. They manage to rest and have time for their friends, hobbies, and therefore feel happy and full of energy.

School of Mental Arithmetic Soroban®. Advantages of summer courses for schoolchildren

The peculiarity of the summer intensity in Soroban® is primarily that training does not take away much of the children’s time, but it outperforms many other more intensive courses in efficiency. In the lessons of mental mathematics, the children are waiting for the same fascinating games. That is, classes at the school of oral counting are not perceived by its pupils as a duty. On the contrary, small schoolchildren are eagerly waiting for the next lesson to show their achievements, to try their hand at solving new challenges.

The courses consist of collective (2 times a week) and self-study within 20 minutes daily. Pros of this training:

1. The child does not get tired.

2. His brain is receiving loads, always active.

3. In the learning process, both hemispheres are fully functioning, which contributes to the development of logic, rational thinking and humanitarian intelligence.

4. Classes are held in a play form, which is liked by small schoolchildren.

5. The coach individually works with each student, provides moral support, and finds personal motivating reasons in training.

6. At the school of mental arithmetic, children learn to work in a team, so the kids here are making new friends.

The Soroban® summer children’s camp and its intensive training courses for high-speed counting provide excellent preparation for the school in the summer. Thanks to the training of memory and thinking, the students remember the material well and quickly join the educational process in the fall. The skills of a quick calculation in the mind will surprise teachers and greatly simplify the solution of mathematical problems.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg. Children who have gone through the summer intense in Soroban® open up a great potential and are ready to develop further.

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