The new coordinates in the horoscope will bring about change. Moving to another place – apartment, office, another city, changing not only your physical... How’s the move associated with feelings of happiness: the response of astropsychology

The new coordinates in the horoscope will bring about change.

Moving to another place – apartment, office, another city, changing not only your physical place of residence. It can affect your destiny.

Sure of astrophysics, who spoke as the move associated with feelings of happiness, reports Lisa.

The new coordinates in the horoscope will bring about change. Each of us is born at a certain time in a certain place. These data are the basis of Natal chart (birth horoscope). However, in astrology, there is also a local map – the horoscope of residence. Many people almost never leave the region of his birth, and only occasionally travel to other cities and countries for holidays.

These trips are always associated with new experiences, events, emotions. And it’s not just the change of scenery. When moving your horoscope is adjusted for the new location. And if the vacation is quick without affecting destiny in a whole, when moving to a permanent place of residence the choice of direction must be very thoughtful.

Learn to wait

Choosing a new place of residence, it is better to consult an astrologer. But you can test and trial and error. Imagine that you moved to another city, got an invitation to a well-paid job. Until you are settled in your new place will start to earn big money learn how to spend it, it will take time.

Astrologers believe that meaningful change to occur, we need at least a year. During this time, the Sun completes a full cycle through all zodiac signs and Houses of the horoscope. And only after this external event changes are placed inside, creating new facets of the personality, goals and ultimately changing lives. After spending on a new place just a month, the full picture will not see. So if you move in August, will be able to do it only in August of the following year.

Don’t look for ideal

It is important to understand that the ideal place for life. If you move something radically change for the better, the probability of negative changes in another area of life. For example, when fertility problems are often advised to move, to change the climate, surroundings of the city. That from the astrological point of view, means to move the grid of the Houses of the horoscope.

However, the negative astrological aspects from the sphere of the horoscope that is responsible for children, to evaporate. They’ll just move to another area, for example, in the scope of work. And, over time, can cause problems with employment, problems at work or in communicating with the team.

This astrological law is always in effect. So, Paradise on earth, unfortunately, it is impossible to find. Every place, every country, every city is able to give you new events, interesting life experiences, interesting acquaintances. But all will have their pluses and minuses as perfectly harmonious horoscopes does not happen.

Therefore, when evaluating the results of the move, don’t complain about destiny. Just pick what is important to you.

Where are we going?

The exact effects of relocation can predict the astrologer, making your local horoscope. But there are some General rules. Distance from their former places of residence should be large enough – at least 500 km. When you select try to refrain from stereotypes like “I’m going to conquer the capital”. Based on inner feelings, listen to your intuition.

Local horoscope. What happens when you move?

The events in your life are inextricably linked to geography, at what latitude and longitude you live. When you move and even how short the trip is your basic Natal chart (birth horoscope) is not changed. But because of a change of coordinates shifted to the Houses of the horoscope, representing different spheres of life. And it sets a completely new development.

The move affects exactly on the event side. Thanks to new events in a new place you slowly change myself, new interests, new habits. It is important to understand that big changes occur gradually, they need time.

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