When you meet a new guy, then almost immediately begin to try to understand his attitude towards you configured whether it is serious or... How to Express their feelings guys different signs of the Zodiac

When you meet a new guy, then almost immediately begin to try to understand his attitude towards you configured whether it is serious or just counting on a short-term affair? To understand this will help stars, more precisely, his Zodiac sign. Astrologers have analyzed the behavior of boys different signs and amounted to a description of how they behave, if the girl likes them actually. So:

Aries. Representatives of this sign often impatient, like to get everything at once, I hate waiting. But for a girl of your dreams will make an exception – will not rush things, try to create for the two of you an oasis of comfort and tranquility.

Taurus. If the guy is a Taurus like to be with you, he will spare no effort to show it. He will answer your texts immediately, not withstanding a pause, but if I saw you in the crowd of people, say, in the subway, I did not hesitate to run up and hug. They are full of energy and never tired to surprise your beloved.

Gemini. Boys the Twins are very energetic, inventive, but at the same time tricky. With them is never boring, and the affection they demonstrate that all the time trying to amuse the girl.

Cancers. Loyal and caring sign. If he likes you, he’ll let you know about it so that neither you nor others have no doubt. You’ll never be sad and to cry of resentment with a male Cancer.

Lions. They are confident and ambitious, so the hints prefer direct speech. “I like you”, he says to you and does not lie.

Virgo. I love to analyze things, come to help, they can rely on in everything. They are not as straight as the Lions, so show your sympathy with a touching and emotional gesture. These guys are very observant and can tell you a lot, if you fall in love for real.

Libra. Idealists who hate quarrels and conflicts. Their optimistic view of life helps not only them – they are trying to raise the self-esteem of the girl I love.

Scorpions. Very passionate guys. In addition, they are trying to make your partner happy, therefore, as the Twins will make you laugh and entertain her almost every day.

Archers. Independent, like adventures. Demonstrate your affection through material things, whether buying a luxury bouquet or a trip to the most expensive restaurant. In addition, engaging in relationship with Sagittarius, you become his partner in all sorts of adventures, so bored you just will not succeed.

Capricorns. Representatives of this sign are suspicious, but as soon as he starts to consult with you or show other signs of loyalty, you know it’s love. It is important for them to know that I can rely on you – if so, consider that you won it.

Aquarians. They are smart and charming by nature. Demonstrate their feelings through words, not actions. If you like the representative of this sign, get ready to love the ears – you speak a lot, for a long time and everything.

Fish. Pisces are extremely sensitive. Others are often hard to unravel the feelings of the Fish, but if he falls in love, falls in love for real. Expect violent quarrels, reconciliation, and passionate romance to become Shakespeare.

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