Despite the folk wisdom that the way to a man’s heart is not through his stomach. You’re not going to run down the street... How to appeal to any guy: top 5 win-win ways

Despite the folk wisdom that the way to a man’s heart is not through his stomach. You’re not going to run down the street and throw dumplings in every guy who want to please. To the guy in love should at least get his attention. If you are wondering “how to please a guy”, then here’s 5 win-win tips.

Use the strategy of “awkward schoolgirl”

All the girls did in childhood: in a crowded place like accidentally bump into “the love of his life” (for this semester). And this secret tactic works. The main thing – to look guy in the eye, like the cat in Shrek with a sincere embarrassed smile and the words: “Oh, I’m so sorry! I’m such a klutz”. On it is important that you fell on him like a sack, but beautiful and graceful. Practice on friends.

Do not wear vulgar clothes

Of course, many guys wear in everyday life, camouflage clothing, but it does not know what you need to wear vulgar animal print to “lure” the hunter. To wear leopard print, red, gold or silver from head to toe is a no, no, no. So you just Uttarkashi men. If you want to like the guy to choose the most simple clothes – sundresses, skirts and blouses, light dresses or jeans with a t-shirt. Most importantly, this style looked to you organically.

Wear “makeup without makeup”

All guys say they like natural beauty. But, this does not mean you have to Shine all skin imperfections. Fluid light Foundation, concealer where needed, a little powder and blush – that’s enough. And for evening makeup, choose better Smokey so his eyes will be always to look in your.

Show interest

No need to scroll Instagram feed during your conversation with him. In order to impress a guy, show interest in him. Yes, about the structure of the tanks are not always interested in – in such situations, at least approvingly shake your head and nod if you really interested to learn this useful information. Or gently move the conversation in another direction.

Read books, not social media

Of course, social networking is a lot of interesting, but not fiction, which will help to keep the conversation going in the company. Cockalorum shouldn’t be not rash, the facts about the diet of earthworms or principle of the latest engineering inventions. Just read fiction to learn how to gather information about the world and forming an opinion about any issue.

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