Anatoly pashinina not one movie role, but has become famous young man is not so much due to his acting career, as an unexpected... “Effect Pashinina”. What makes people love the war

EffectAnatoly pashinina not one movie role, but has become famous young man is not so much due to his acting career, as an unexpected participation in military operations on Donbass on the side of the armed forces of Ukraine. Recently, the artist has given a provocative interview, where he spoke about the feelings of pleasure from fighting, and the “fantastic” in your life call a hit anti-tank guided missile in the car with people. What pushes outwardly healthy people are at war and if they can return to normal life after the fighting, says the psychologist Maria Merkulova.

Natalia Kozhina, Aify Maria, the case of Anatoliy Malininym, which dramatically changed his life and went to war — not single. What motivates such people?

Maria Merkulova: Dissatisfaction with their life. Usually people are about 40 years old. As you know, in this period begins a midlife crisis, when one looks back and begins to analyze everything that happened to him. Inevitably two questions arise: “What have I accomplished?” and “Where to go next?”. And if you don’t feel important, needed and around formed the relevant conditions, you may well be at war.

Successful people, no matter what profession you’re unlikely to get into a story and become a volunteer?

— Of course. Even Anatoly pashinina, it clearly shows that he is completely disappointed in his profession because, according to him, there with him was treated unfairly, cheated, etc unrealistic expectations, and disappointment can push the person to go to war. Such people usually have no family and children, or have some bad experience of relationship building. They can’t even imagine the image of women, which in theory could be close, so it is usually ideal for them, the light in the window is a mother.

— Why did they choose war, not a more relaxed and peaceful way to escape from the lack of fulfilment and dissatisfaction with life?

For development, start a new life need to make efforts. If a person is in crisis, he has nowhere to take power, he is completely exhausted. It is difficult to find a job, friends, love and be active, etc. in such a condition. In war, strange as it sounds, everything is much simpler: you just go in there and have become a hero.

— This is the shortest way to fame and recognition?

Yes. In the war of the words “honor” and “glory” is not an empty phrase. The people there are emotionally United, it is definitely energizing. The man suddenly realizes that he has become a hero simply because he came on the field of battle. It feels special, needed and instantly infected by the idea of heroism, rescue someone, it stimulates the release of hormones. In particular, norepinephrine and testosterone. They give a feeling of euphoria.

— Do I understand correctly that these random people go to war not because we want to fight for something, but only for yourself?

— I would not say that. Rather, they go there to do “something global”. But personal motives are also present. Ordinary life requires the presence of a particular plan of action. And in war you do not need to hammer head with such thoughts. Here everything is painted clearly: you know what time you Wake up, Breakfast, lunch, dinner, what you wear, etc. In life you need to find your target. Many people with this huge problem. On the battlefield the goal is clear — to strike. Clearly this attracts.

— What is the difference between a professional military, which, consciously come into this profession and those is a war by accident?

— I think the fundamental difference is that random people usually come at the call of the soul, of the heart. Perhaps they are even a little idealized the war. They can fight for free, the idea, that is, on pure enthusiasm and, again, very proud of it.

— Returning to Pashinina, he says he is happy with the war. This is a normal reaction?

— He clarifies that this feeling appears every time when possible to avoid death. In this case we are talking about the normal physiology — the release of hormones. Everything is logical. People feel special, because to fight is not to sit in the office from 9 to 18.

Is he mentally healthy?

— To make diagnoses on the basis of any interview is unethical and impossible. One thing is for sure — the man went through some internal crisis and was traumatized.

— What is the likelihood that a person will be able to return to normal life?

— They are very hard to come back. In civilian life you’re not a hero, you just need to get up every day and brush your teeth, to think, what do you want for Breakfast, what will you do during the day, how are you going to pay the bills and to solve problems. For people who have a war, everyday life becomes gray and dull. They can become depressed, they find it difficult again to put a bright goal to which we can go. For this reason, such men are most afraid of the end of the war. For them there is nothing worse than a quiet and peaceful life.

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