In the hot season with insomnia faced a lot of people, doctors say. This sleep disorder might be related to weather conditions and lack... Doctors said the reasons for the strengthening of insomnia in summer

In the hot season with insomnia faced a lot of people, doctors say. This sleep disorder might be related to weather conditions and lack of oxygen, they explain.

If for several nights you slept less than 5 hours, it is a problem. Put up with the constant lack of sleep is not necessary, it is better to take measures that will help to improve sleep.

Due to lack of sleep worse the brain works – he does not have time to recover their resources. Against this background, manifested by memory impairment, may worsen many diseases, obesity develops, the doctor told Victoria Savitskaya.

“The person who sleeps an average of less than 7-8 hours a day, higher risk of strokes, heart attacks, hypertension, not to mention the fact that without sleep, our body ages faster,” – said the expert.

According to Savitskaya, difficulty falling asleep contribute to neuroticism: a person begins to worry about how will he manage to fall asleep quickly. These thoughts reinforce the emotional stress and only exacerbate the problem – anxiety about insomnia can be more harmful than the insomnia.

To better sleep, you need to be able to relax. Two hours prior to bedtime need to discard any active sessions, instead it is better to turn on quiet music, read a book, take a bath with some relaxing scent.

“Sleep in uncomfortable conditions difficult. Thus the feeling of comfort can be affected by the mess in the room, scattered clothes, stale air, odors. Don’t forget daily to ventilate the room. Hold up the window so that the light of lanterns and the moon will not “beat” the eyes, try to go to sleep in a clean room where there is excess dust and odors”, said Victoria Savitskaya.

The doctor noticed that on falling asleep and sleep quality is also influenced by the food consumed. It is important to choose the right products and dishes fatty, effectively salty and spicy food after 8 PM is quite able to be the cause of insomnia.

To products that promote a full night’s rest, science will carry primarily food rich in tryptophan that activates the body ‘ s production of serotonin – a substance that causes the feeling of peace and tranquility.

“Kefir, yogurt, milk in large quantities contain tryptophan, plus they are useful for digestion and stomach do not require a lot of effort. Excellent choice for dinner will also be bananas, figs, small handful of peanuts”, said the paramedic.

Savitskaya advised in the evening from eating foods like cheese, chocolate, legumes, sweet curds and yoghurts, muesli and cereals, meat, onions and garlic. Their assimilation by the body due to physiological processes, which activate the system and forced to stay awake.

Also the worst offender of the night’s sleep is alcohol, drink it in the evening.

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