Doubts, complexes, fears, self-doubt – all this spoils your every day, but in the end – and a lifetime. We offer you urgent to... 5 books after reading which you will become more confident in myself

Doubts, complexes, fears, self-doubt – all this spoils your every day, but in the end – and a lifetime. We offer you urgent to get rid of this extra weight –your helpers will be of the book, after reading which you will definitely be more confident!

Amélie Nothomb, “Fear and trembling”

In his autobiographical novel, Amelie Nothomb talks about how he came to work in Japan – despite all of his positive attitude, there’s a girl faced with the humiliation (in spite of his profession of an interpreter, Amelie had to work at the office cleaner male toilets) and baseless criticism from superiors, and they regard it as “unworthy.” This book demonstrates the magic of self-confidence: if you are sincere and unwavering believe in yourself, then you are not even afraid of the harsh criticism and “sticks in wheels”.

“Life without limits”, Nick Vujicic

Many people limit themselves in happiness, not allowing yourself to him for frivolous minor details, like excess weight, low growth or imperfect facial features. But, if you think about it – it’s all such nonsense! Like no other this proves Nick Vujicic is a phenomenal man, who was able, despite the difficulties, to become one of the most successful people in the world, a loving husband and father, and just a happy person!

Rafael Santandreu “How not to turn your life into a nightmare”

It often happens that all our complexes, fears, doubts in myself and in others live only in our minds, having nothing in common with reality. Spanish therapist Rafael Santandreu in his book takes on the difficult but very real mission – to teach us to think positively, to enjoy every moment of life, do not be afraid to seem ridiculous and, of course, to love yourself! After all, if we don’t love, who will love us? Remember?

Richard Bach “the Seagull by name of Dzhonatan Livingstone”

Fiction sometimes heals the soul more effectively than psychological. The Seagull by the name of John Livingston on the way to the dream not only interfere with the environment and circumstances but his own wings. However, each time overcoming doubts and obstacles, he finally finds faith in himself and soars higher than was possible with anyone!

Robert Anthony “the Main secrets of absolute confidence”

The book of The doctor of psychological Sciences Robert Anthony has helped radically change attitudes towards themselves and others. Thanks to the “secrets” that replaces the usual book Chapter, you will be able to overcome their psychological barriers and finally to say, “I can do everything!”

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