People from different planets. 10 signs that it’s time to end the friendship
Radio host and psychologist anetta Orlova — how to identify PseudoTUBE. Sometimes when communicating with each other there is a feeling that the relationship has stalled. But to break up with the person you are in a hurry, especially if you know him for a long time and many... Read more
These countries that are most dependent on tourism
They make a lot of money on tourists. According to the analytical report of the Organization for economic cooperation and development OESD, tourism plays the greatest role in the economy of Spain. The share of hospitality industry in GDP reached 11.1 percent, the highest rate in the world, reports... Read more
The more stress, the harder it is to control your emotions
Even minor stress has an impact on a person’s ability to control himself. A team of scientists from the University of new York conducted an in-depth study of this issue. The participants were divided into two groups: control and stress. As you know, the Read more
Sex toys at home: hand-made, which will bring you pleasure
Crazy stick go to the next level. Comb If you put on smooth and oblong handle comb a condom, you’ll get quite a ordinary Dildo. Vibration and other lotions, the easiest. Make sure that no piece of plastic is not sticking out of the handle itself and the texture... Read more
Natalie Portman in the “home” icon visited Harvard
Natalie Portman is not only one of the most talented Actresses and owner of the award “Oscar”, but also highly educated star. In 2003, the actress graduated from Harvard University and received a bachelor’s degree in psychology (during training in the movie she is acting is not stopped). After... Read more
Psychologists have named three types of people who like to do selfie
Psychologists from the USA have identified three main psycho characteristic of human behavior, who like to do selfie. Photos taken by social media users, reaching people of all ages and social statuses, this alarmed the doctors and specialists. A group of psychologists from California scientific University in the United... Read more
Top 5 parts of your wardrobe that will make you desirable to men
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Are you ready to completely overhaul your life for goal achievement: Council strategist
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Masha Efrosinina told how to get out of conflict with a man
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Rules for a successful holiday: how to turn from a person in the surviving
Many might have already define the country, schedule a date and now live with thoughts of distant lands. But to buy a swimsuit, plane tickets and book hotel – does not mean to prepare for the trip. In anticipation of the holiday season to share a list of things... Read more