The Committee of civil initiatives and the Levada center published the results of research of level of corruption in establishments of social sphere –... Why not love clinic

ClinicThe Committee of civil initiatives and the Levada center published the results of research of level of corruption in establishments of social sphere – kindergartens, schools, universities, clinics and hospitals. Among the “leaders” in bribes were medical facilities. More than 40% of the citizens believe that corruption is widespread in hospitals, while 36% of respondents hold this opinion regarding clinics.

“Only 25% of respondents talking about the mental attitude to work in clinics and only 24% believe that there prevails an individual approach. Discipline also seems to be not as strong: only 60% of respondents consider it to be quite strict. Finally, the computer equipment is sufficient according to only 53% of respondents. The reputation of the clinics is the lowest among all institutions: only half (49%) of respondents believe it is good,” – noted in the OIG’s report.

Speaking of shortcomings, respondents primarily noted the “formalism” of doctors. But blame it not so much themselves doctors, how much the current system of health insurance, which forces doctors to spend a lot of time filling out forms instead of inspection of the patient and interview him.

“Doctors are accused of lack of “human” attention to the patient, i.e. the lack of the informal component, which is a mandatory element of high quality medical services and, conversely, in excess of the standard impersonal relationship. Added to this is the status of the distance established by the health workers towards patients, patients,” say the authors of the report.

The quality of paid medical services is estimated much higher, but at the same time to afford these medical services are not all of the respondents.

“Russians are generally unhappy, like today constructed and operates the health care system and health care. They are dissatisfied with the division of Medicaid for OMS and LCA, or for one-time payment. It is considered that the best forces, the best resources went to pay medicine,” the researchers note.

“Sphere of paid medicine is considered free from corruption from “gifts” to doctors. (It is believed that if a doctor from the local clinic works and pay there it works better). The level of medical care is considered there exemplary. But it’s the opinions of people who, as a rule, are unable to use paid services. Service in the regular district and town polyclinics and hospitals is causing numerous complaints,” conclude the experts of the Committee of civil initiatives.

Earlier it was reported that the number of consumers of paid medical services in Russia increased to 50%. However, the reason for the sharp increase in the share of commercial services sociologists believe not the welfare of the patients, and the unavailability of free medicine. Thus, according to Rosstat, the annual volume of paid medical services has reached 528 billion rubles. Expenditure on medical care ranked sixth in the list of the daily expenses of Russians. The cost of medical services as the prices are increasing from year to year. Record profit growth in this sector of the market leads to an increase in the number of private clinics: according to the report, the increase in the number of outpatient organizations in the country occurs mostly by commercial establishments.

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