Official statistics on the number of people vaccinated against flu, not true – so says two-thirds of health workers. Out of the country and... “The real impact of flu you have to just guess”

FluOfficial statistics on the number of people vaccinated against flu, not true – so says two-thirds of health workers. Out of the country and reliable information on the incidence of the diagnosis “flu” or “SARS” often is patients with no laboratory diagnosis. Such data received Fund “Health” as a result of a survey of four thousand physicians of the 85 regions of the country.

Vaccines in the sewer

According to Rospotrebnadzor, in the fall of 2017 on the eve of the epidemic season vaccinated against influenza did 46% of respondents (66.4 million people, 17 million of them children). Most people (85%) were vaccinated at the expense of the Federal budget: the public procurement website posted the contracts of the Ministry of health for the purchase of influenza vaccine in the amount of 4,9 billion rubles.However, two thirds of health workers believe that flu vaccinations actually been made less than that indicated in the reports, said the Director of the Foundation of independent monitoring “Health” Eduard Gavrilov.

The survey was conducted using a mobile app “physician’s Reference” in January of this year. On the question of the reliability of official data, an affirmative answer only about a third (35%) physicians reported Gavrilov.

“Two-thirds (65%) of workers believe that the official data are not reliable and in fact, vaccination is less than indicated in the reports. Simultaneously, a third (33%) of the respondents claim that they are aware of cases of false reporting if influenza vaccination in order to ensure high rates”, – said the head of the Fund “Health”.

According to Gavrilov, the problem is not new and is annually confirmed by the data about the revealed infringements in medical institutions, when after reporting, the remaining doses of flu vaccine just poured into the sewer.

Indeed, as told Mednovosti head of one of children’s clinics in the suburbs, often there is no way to make vaccination a perfectly healthy child – mother brings an article about possible complications, and to convince her is impossible. Doesn’t have any leverage on these families. And authorities in any case lays the blame for the failure of the plan to the rank and file of doctor and nurse. Therefore, many people prefer to adapt to circumstances, make the appropriate entries in the cards, and the vaccine is poured in the sink.

Doing mass additions doctors not only for themselves, but “by agreement” with patients.This is especially prevalent in adult clinics, where more and more vaccines is in the sewer. People who need to be vaccinated by occupation, come into the treatment room with an envelope to leave with a certificate of vaccination and a fall in the number grafted.

“And annual reports depend not even from these fake indicators, they are generally “drawn” by the special rules, – said the interlocutor of Mednovosti. For example, our clinic will customize their figures under the report of the district Department. That is not to there are summarized the data collected from the clinics, and we dictate the numbers that we have to show, not to stand out from the picture.”

Flu or not the flu – that is the question

One third (33%) of survey participants also reported about secret instructions to make the diagnosis “ORVI” is the diagnosis “flu”, said Gavrilov. And this is not news: during a flu epidemic, community physicians and nurses should receive bonuses due to increased workload, but pay them no one wants.

And “play” with statistics pozvolyayet the fact that in Russia the diagnosis “flu” is still put in the eye: half of survey participants said that their health facilities are not diagnosed without laboratory diagnosis. “51% of respondents reported that their medical organizations laboratory diagnostics in the diagnosis “flu” is not carried out. This suggests that the real impact of influenza is necessary to guess only”, – said Gavrilov.

According to working “on the ground” ordinary doctors in Russia never had the true picture on the incidence of flu.This is especially true of adults – not all of them reach the doctor. And the diagnosis “flu”, which is necessary to confirm the laboratory to put no one likes to do this, take the patient smears and send them for analysis to identify the strain of the virus, filling out thousands of papers.

Treatment blind

Meanwhile, neither the flu nor SARS should not be treated blindly. “All pathogens of SARS are quite different: the severity and causes of the disease and possible complications, and prognosis. And treatment of influenza and SARS are completely different. Only influenza designed specific antiviral therapy for other respiratory therapeutic schema quite different”, – said Mednovosti leading expert of the Center of molecular diagnostics, Central research Institute of epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor Mikhail Lebedev.

Especially that today there are all possibilities, he said. According to him, timely laboratory identification of the causative agents of respiratory infections allows to determine the prognosis and to prevent complications by assigning adequate treatment. In addition, accurate laboratory diagnostics allows to avoid unjustified antibiotic prescribing (or, conversely, to assign them in time).

According to an infectious disease doctor H-Clinic Ekaterina Stepanova, to be able to talk about the reliability of the diagnosis of influenza, each therapist addressed the patient with a “cold” need to be modern immunochromatographic rapid tests. These tests are able to detect the antigens of influenza viruses types A and BB secretions from the human nose and in 10 minutes to give an answer to the question: is the flu or some other viral respiratory infection.

“The rapid tests have appeared recently, and unfortunately, in a state hospital is not yet widely applied. Although they are not so expensive – about 600-700 rubles for the test. Tests for influenza are often held in hospitals, during hospitalization of patients with complications. But these complications could have been avoided,” – said Stepanov.

Procurement of modern “fast” tests, indeed, would greatly alleviate the plight not only of patients, but beating down with the feet of the precinct, who are forced during the peak season of influenza and serve up to 30 house calls. Price of rapid tests on average, three times more than the cost of a domestic vaccine against flu, but in fact it requires them not so much. And certainly, nobody is going to pull the unused tests in the sewer after completion reports.

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