The emerging projects of technical documents from the operator of the labeling of drugs has caused controversy among participants, and some leaders even saw... The operator of the labeling: the counterfeit has no prospects, even without online connection to the system

The emerging projects of technical documents from the operator of the labeling of drugs has caused controversy among participants, and some leaders even saw the items of “discriminatory” encryption markings.

Offline without cryptoservice

Center advanced technology development (CRPD) has released the drafts of two documents for the labelling of medicines: “Technical characteristics of equipment used and Characteristics of the identification means and the procedure for application and requirements to the structure and format of the information comprises means of identification”.

Some of the top managers of pharmaceutical companies have paid attention to the points which, in their opinion, negate the benefits of encryption. For example, there is a point about the redundancy Data Matrix (DMX) code by using the identification numbers GTIN. If the system is unable to read the markings DMX because the package is damaged, you can use the GTIN: “Global trade identification number units individual serial number of the trading units are duplicated in the form of readable printed text”. It would seem that everything is fine – the distributor or the pharmacist put a human readable number and a product out of an information system, and went further up the chain. But the caveat is that the GTIN is not cryptoservice. Manufacturers immediately began to ask questions: “How do you use duplicate GTIN, if about offline transactions never told – neither the health Ministry nor the operator of the marking. But if you can sell in offline mode, here are lots of schemes leads counterfeit from the threshold of the manufacturer. And what is the role of encryption?”

Recall that in the encryption market participants see additional financial burden. Even after a detailed explanation from CRPT many did not understand the value of their investment raised at the budget of cryptoquote.

In search of scenario threats

Project Manager Director of development company “Katren” Anatoliy Tentser assured “FV” that online cash register without connection to the system can be used for holding counterfeit goods with a printed legal code. Other leaders at all doubt that the movement in offline mode corresponds to the normal control and the requirements of the operator. Head of Pharma CRPT Anton Kharitonov said, “PV”, “offline-mode current, when the medical institution need to register the drug, but the Internet connection is present”. Indeed, in the regions in many hospitals and even pharmacies have problems with a stable Internet. So offline mode will be prescribed in the regulations.

As for gray schemes, Anton Kharitonov assured that they have no future: “In offline mode the online ticket office or the Registrar of the disposal will not accept a digital code, if the attackers want to spend through a system of falsified products, using the code from the original packaging that has already been conducted over the counter. Even without online connection to the system logger has a memory for previously entered codes. Thus, the system insured against the gray schemes”.

A similar position was voiced by “FV” Deputy Director General of STADA CIS Ivan Glushkov: “Theoretically, an by unscrupulous manufacturer, supplier or network can sell party and earn at the expense of high-margin products. But the data light up in the system and so three days later, when the system will compare, they will come out of questions and checks. So the benefit from a one-time profit with the future problems is extremely doubtful.”

But the players of the pharmaceutical market continue to inquire: “what is the point of encryption if without it, will be computed by the seller of counterfeit goods? After entering data into the system in duplicate numbers with other packages will be visible. Even without cryptodira”.

It should be noted that the threat model and the projected scenarios of stuffing counterfeit, against which introduced cryptocephalinae, formed not CBT, and other structure. However, market participants dream to see this script. And believe in him. Other options they just don’t have.

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