Government order No. 791-R of April 28, 2018 approved model marking goods with control marks. According to the document, the system coordinator will be... The Ministry will be the coordinator for universal marking

Government order No. 791-R of April 28, 2018 approved model marking goods with control marks. According to the document, the system coordinator will be the Ministry of industry and trade, and the operator of the information system will provide information about the movement of the labeled product. Thus paid marking for manufacturers, including drugs, to become reality.

A public-private initiative

Mandatory marking for certain types of goods stipulated by the Federal law №487 from 31.12.2017, which made changes in FZ “About bases of state regulation of trade activities in the Russian Federation”.

At the end of 2017, Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved the implementation of a system of digital marking of goods. Centre development of advanced technologies (CRPT) suggested the state to create a single operator of the marking and to do so in the form of public-private partnerships. As you know, the founders of the organization are a few companies – “Elvis-Plus group” Alexander Galitsky, a provider of billing systems “MegaFon”, JSC “Peter-Service” Alisher Usmanov and concern “Automatics” GK “rostec”.

As suggested by the developers, the state, creating a separate system of labelling for fur and medicines, spends a lot of money. You can significantly reduce the costs, making a single system. CRPT will Finance the establishment of information systems, the necessary level of information protection, provide comfortable conditions for the implementation and support of project participants in specific product groups.

The partner States in marking expects to earn on additional services – logistics management and storage, digital marketing. According to the initiators of a unified digital marking, manufacturers will be able to cut costs they incur in the defense of the brand, and get more market share due to displacement of counterfeit goods. According to estimates of the consulting company BCG, the marginal effect for companies investing in the horizon of five years is estimated at 4.5–5% sales growth.

What is written pen

Now from the concept of it came to document. The basic principles of the model include identification of each item by assigning unique codes to products, creating an information system of marking, creating a unified product catalog Russia. In addition, the model assumes one-time fees for code unit goods marking when generating. Due to the said fee is including registration of all stages of circulation of goods in the information system. The payment size is determined in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Code protection marking will be ensured with the use of Russian cryptographic technologies. The Ministry of industry determined by the coordinator of the system for commodity marking with identification means. The Finance Ministry will provide legal regulation of relations in the sphere of labeling. Monitoring information system and the activities of its operator assigned to the Ministry.

In addition, the document says the operator of the information system. This can be a legal entity registered in Russia. It will deal with the creation, development, modernization and operation of the information system for centralized generation of codes marking using Russian cryptographic technologies, their accounting and verification, as well as reception, storage and processing of information from the participants of commodity circulation. Additionally, the operator will create and maintain a unified catalog of goods of the Russian Federation, marked with means of identification. Finally, the government gave the operator the right to provide information about the product contained in the information system, the interested public authorities and local governments, and circulation of goods and consumers.

It is possible that the operator will be CRPT, proposed the development of digital labeling.

As explained, “PV”, the Director of the Department of external relations of STADA in Russia, Ivan Glushkov, the purpose of the Ministry coordinator enables you to use the data that will accumulate marking system. But will it seize this opportunity, and the question.

It is worth mentioning that CBT also proposed to levy 50 kopecks. with packing of the drug for information on its movement.

It is necessary to note that the drug is not yet included in the government’s proposed model. By order of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 792-R of 28 April 2018 with 2019 approved the list of goods subject to mandatory labelling from 1 January 2019, where drugs do not appear.

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