In the Krasnodar region opened a criminal case against former Director of JSC “Troitsky iodine plant” Mikhail Kravchuk. He is suspected of abuse of... The former head of “Troitsky iodine plant” suspected of abuse of power

In the Krasnodar region opened a criminal case against former Director of JSC “Troitsky iodine plant” Mikhail Kravchuk. He is suspected of abuse of power in a commercial organization (part 2 of article 201 of the criminal code).

According to the newspaper “Kommersant Yug”, in 2005 JSC “Troitsky iodine plant” (the owner — the Russian Federation represented by the Federal property management Agency) signed a loan agreement for virtually any 16.5 million to the company “Werehyenas”. To pay this amount within the prescribed period, the company has been unable, and then to repay the debt to the creditor conveyed the property: administrative building, laboratory, power grid, etc. under the settlement agreement, the JSC has also lost its rights on the area of about 100 hectares under the plant and 170 wells for the extraction of iodine-bromine water. According to the investigation, the cadastral value of land was much higher than the debt of the company, and the actions of the management of the plant damage to the state amounted to 11 million virtually any, Mikhail Kravchuk, who led an iodine plant from 2004 to 2017, does not recognize his guilt.

In the summer of 2017 to replace him came a new management team, which has submitted to the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation the program of resumption of production of domestic raw materials (the last two years, the company worked on imported raw materials that are cheaper and easier in terms of organization of production) and increasing the volume of production of iodine.

Seven years ago, in an interview with “FV” Mikhail Kravchuk said that the iodine plant in need of modernisation but this requires a tremendous investment (the start-up of one installation for the extraction of iodine from scratch, given the infrastructure costs, in 2011 prices cost of 20 million U. S. dollars), which the owner was not ready to invest.

Now the company rents the land that away “Werehyenas”. The new leadership of the company decided to seek recognition of the transaction invalid. Another problem to be solved in the near future, the accounts payable. The first hearing of the case on recognition of the enterprises insolvent is scheduled for
September 11.

In the Arbitration court of Krasnodar territory also there are two claims “Troitsky iodine plant” Mikhail Kravchuk to recover from his 2.7 and 1.2 million virtually any. respectively. In one case, the dispute concerns the results of the inventory conducted shortly before the departure of Mr. Kravchuk from his post, and in the second the validity of the sale of automotive vehicles at a lower cost. To the consideration of the first case should begin on August 14, the second – at the end of the examination.

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