The project “is Given to everyone” in support of survivors of stroke, received a gold award from the Effie Awards Russia, the most prestigious... Takeda received a gold award from the Effie Awards Russia, and was awarded the diploma Programme

The project “is Given to everyone” in support of survivors of stroke, received a gold award from the Effie Awards Russia, the most prestigious international competition in marketing and advertising, in the category “Contribution to the common good. Social responsibility and sustainable development”. The project was implemented by the company “Takeda” and portal in conjunction with the Fund for the fight against stroke ORBI, the football club “Spartak”, TWIGA PR Agency with the support of the Agency AG Loyalty. The company “Takeda” was also awarded the diploma of the UN Program “17 goals for the future of international cooperation to transform our world” and became the first and only pharmaceutical company in Russia, whose activity was recorded in the framework of this program.

Charity event “is Given to each one” took place before the football match “Spartak” – “Zenit”. Peter Buravtsev, a young fan of “Spartacus” three years ago of a stroke, got up from the wheelchair and made the first symbolic kick of the ball. This blow Peter proved that recovery after stroke is possible, very important to begin rehabilitation. The match was watched by 40,000 spectators in the stadium, 17 million viewers, the press has published more than 200 articles and the overall coverage of the campaign amounted to 30 million Russians.

The project “is Given to everyone” is part of the social responsibility program of the company “Takeda” on the issues of stroke prevention and rehabilitation of patients who have had the disease. The program was launched in 2013 together with the Fund for the fight against stroke ORBI. The programme in the parks of Moscow is held annually a Day of rest for people who have had a stroke. In this day of on-site activities the company “Takeda” organizes the medical area, where anyone can attend the screening diagnosis of neck vessels, obtain consultations from neurologists, dietitians and psychologists, as well as information about the signs of a stroke. In 2017 the screening diagnosis in the Park of VDNH were more than a thousand people.

In 2015, the company “Takeda” with the Foundation’s support of ORBI has launched a portal The portal is designed for patients who have had a stroke, and their relatives. The portal collected comprehensive information about the disease and a list of medical institutions throughout Russia, in which patients can receive medical care and undergo rehabilitation after the disease. Inspiring stories of successful recovery of the patients presented on the portal in the format of mini-series “Put on feet”.

In Russia, stroke ranks second after myocardial infarction in structure of mortality and remains one of the most common reasons – more than 450,000 new cases per year1,2. About 30 % of stroke deaths in acute period of the disease. In the following year, die another 10-15% больных3. Being the most common cause of disability, stroke in most cases, changes the life of both the patient and his relatives. Only about 20% of stroke survivors return to work, and 80% of surviving after it develops or that the degree of restrictions in daily life4.

However, stroke is a disease the occurrence of which can be prevented if the time to begin prevention. Therefore, the company “Takeda”, 25 years working in Russia seek to promote the health of Russians and conducts large-scale information of the company. And gold Effie Awards Russia is recognition of the social activities of the company by the professional community.

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Source publication: the Company “Takeda”

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