PJSC “pharmacy chain 36,6”, the representative of a small cohort of pharmacy chains, have passed to direct contracts with producers. Nevertheless, the largest network... “Pharmacy chain 36.6” is not yet able to part with distributors

PJSC “pharmacy chain 36,6”, the representative of a small cohort of pharmacy chains, have passed to direct contracts with producers. Nevertheless, the largest network is not fully ended the relationship with key distributors: some of them continued supplies to pharmacies, with other “36,6” was found in court.

According to the “36,6”, today direct contracts with manufacturers provide about 75% of network turnover, with the remainder put “quatrain”, “Pulse”, “Profitmed” etc. distributors.

Two other large distributor – “PROTEK” and “SIA Group” now meet with the pharmacy chain only in court.

“Structure “36,6” and affiliates should CV PROTEK approximately RUB 350 million. the Goods we shipped from 2015, when the problems started with the payments”, – said the “FV” General Director, CV PROTEK Dmitry Pogrebinsky.

Thanks to this policy, the number of proceedings in the court of arbitration for repayment of debts between “PROTEK” and “36,6” decreased. In 2018 there was not one new lawsuit last year, had one claim to the LLC “Pharmacy A. V. e” and LLC “Pharmacy A. V. e-1”. However, not all the processes initiated earlier has been completed. So, the arbitral Tribunal will have more time to consider the claim of refund 122,21 million virtually any. the court of Cassation returned the case to the first instance.

It happened for the second time. CV PROTEK was won, then lost. Last year the cassation sent the case for retrial. The first instance and refused the appeal, agreeing with the arguments of the defendants that the plaintiff failed to prove the fact that invoices in the framework of the supply of drugs to the “36,6” has not been signed by an authorised person. However, cassation decided that the courts are insufficiently researched all the details and sent the case for retrial.

SIA is currently not supplying the product network “36,6” – said General Director of the company Sergey Piven. However, the distributor remains active judicial efforts to collect debts with pharmacies. In 2018 the “SIA Group” has filed eleven lawsuits against the “daughters” of PJSC “pharmacy chain 36,6” – LLC “Pharmacy A. V. e” and LLC “Pharmacy A. V. E.-1” for the total amount exceeding RUB 100 million, In part of the lawsuits we are talking about repayment of debts for deliveries made in 2015

However, to return the money wants not only “SIA” to “Pharmacy A. V. e” and “Pharmacy A. V. e-1” this year filed 83 claims totaling 283 million RUB Often collect debts under the lease.

As for direct contracts with manufacturers, wholesale division “36,6” – OOO “Di Dzhi PI” – it is not often suing major farmproizvoditelej. This year, lawsuits filed MSD distributor (MSD pharmaceuticals) (119.5 million virtually any.), “AVVA Rus” (15,98 million virtually any) and some others. Also through the court to pay the debt of wholesale companies, for example, the Central distribution company (41,36 million roubles) and “Medintorg” (10 million virtually any). Only OOO “Di Dzhi PI” this year, presented claims in the amount of 292 million virtually any.

Parent company – PJSC “pharmacy chain 36,6” – this year, the court summoned only the insurers: “the Alliance” and “Euler Hermes Ru”, the total amount of the presented claims – 645 mln

According to the report in accordance with IFRS for 2017, the net debt of PJSC “pharmacy chain 36,6” (less cash balances in the accounts) as of December 31, 2017 amounted to virtually any 31,51 billion the Board of Directors of PJSC “pharmacy chain 36,6” on July 19, 2018 approved a major deal with Moscow credit Bank (ICB), according to which the shares of the operating units will be pledged to the Bank until 2024 Among these units “Gee Dee Pee”, “Pharmacy A. V. e” and “Pharmacy A. V. e-1”.

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