The Ministry of health proposes to amend the legislation under which non-prescription status for pregabalin, tapentadol and Tropicamide will be criminalized. The Roszdravnadzor there... “Lyrics” without a prescription at the pharmacy sold student

The Ministry of health proposes to amend the legislation under which non-prescription status for pregabalin, tapentadol and Tropicamide will be criminalized. The Roszdravnadzor there are examples showing that such measures are justified.

Need something to do

The Ministry of health proposes to make these three INNS in the list of poisonous substances for the purposes of article 234 “Illegal circulation of strong or poisonous substances for the purpose of sale” and other articles of the criminal code of the Russian Federation, approved by government decree №964 dated 29.12.2007, under article 234 as are the penalties like fines and mandatory, compulsory or corrective works and imprisonment for the term up to eight years.

The situation with over-the-counter dispensing, subject to substantive quantitative accounting (PKU), concerned the territorial bodies Roszdravnadzora. This was discussed at the Board office held in Tyumen on July 23, 2018

The head of Territorial body Roszdravnadzora across the Rostov region Tatyana Polinskaya remembered the story, published in the “Farmvestnik” and other media in September 2017 Then the leader of the movement “Antidialer”, Public chamber member and bronze medalist in judo of the Olympic games in Athens Dmitry Nosov together with colleagues conducted several raids on pharmacies of Rostov-on-don, Anapa, Gelendzhik, Pyatigorsk.

One of the participants in the raids, acting head of the Moscow branch of the organization Sergey Travin said, “PV”, which checks showed that one of the pharmacies Pyatigorsk “supplies of narcotic drugs of the Caucasus”.

“During the visit we learned that in the city come specifically to citizens of neighboring republics – Ingushetia, Chechnya, Dagestan, Kabardino-Balkaria, – said the activist. They purchased drugs at-large, then trade them with hands in their republics”.

Then the members of the organization “Antidialer” drew attention to the omission of the regional authorities.

According to Tatyana Polinskaya, in the Rostov region began to give the issue more attention. Territorial body Roszdravnadzora reviewed the work of law enforcement officers specializing in drug trafficking, initiated a series of joint meetings. In the end, we have developed a common scheme of action.

“Public organization “Antidialer” drug buys item-quantitative accounting of the hidden shooting and witnesses. Further research Affairs checks it all, then send the materials to the Territorial body Roszdravnadzora, which conducts an unscheduled inspection. If there is reason, then, a Protocol on violation of
article 14.4.2 of the administrative code concerning the rules of wholesale trade in medicinal products and the procedure for retail trade in drugs, violation of rules of retail trade”, – she told.

Students are welcome

In the first half of 2018. GU MVD in the Rostov region has directed to regional Roszdravnadzor 66 materials relating to the prescription prescription medications, including those subject to substantive quantitative accounting.

Tatiana Polinskiy said that in a pharmacy non-prescription status of pregabalin was performed by the student. The law enforcement officers he had “consultant pharmacy”. In an explanatory note he wrote: “Today, 17.03.2017, sold the drug Lyrica without a prescription, so as soon as finish training at the pharmaceutical faculty and not very versed in the rules of dispensing of medicines”.

According to her, some pharmacies quietly invite people who have not received special education. So, in one of the institutions she saw the announcement: “we Invite to work of pharmacist (students are welcome)”.

That is, pharmacies are not only go into the breach and sell drugs subject to substantive quantitative accounting with no prescription but to do this, hire unskilled workers, which is a gross violation of license requirements.

Tatiana Polinskaya also reported that offenders help to identify and distributors. In the current year from wholesale organizations of the interior Ministry received information that one of the pharmacies in the 9 months he received 10 thousand packages of drugs subject to substantive quantitative accounting. There are examples when we are talking about a higher volume.

The representative of the Rostov Prosecutor showed a photo where a large number of pregabalin and Tropicamide discovered in the sofa, standing in the pharmacy. In the other pharmacy stocks Tropicamide was in the closet with a hidden door, found it by accident when someone from the audience when verifying leaned against the wall.

Need something to do

After such examples, it becomes clear why the state represented by the Ministry of health and law enforcement agencies seeking to toughen punishment for non-prescription status of these drugs.

“I support the proposal of the Ministry of health, – says General Director of “Neofarma” Eugene nifantiev. – If the pharmacy or pharmacy chain deliberately, with the purpose of extracting super-profits sells drug-addicted citizens of medicines from the list of PKU without a prescription, the punishment should be as severe. For me, these pharmacies are no different from drug dealers who should be in prison.”

“Pseudoatom” have no place in our retail market, – says the Executive Director of the Russian Association of pharmacy chains Nelli Ignatieva. – RAAS supports the initiative. Violators should be punished seriously! But the main positive aspect of the proposal to toughen the penalties for selling without prescription medications in detail-quantitative account, which did not extend criminal liability, in that it profaniruet our market from “accidental” participants and will serve as a barrier to entry to the market of those who takes life with a purpose a private gain”.

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