Charity Foundation “Katren” for the sixth time participated in the competition Leaders in corporate philanthropy — a joint project of the Donors Forum, an... Liliya Titova, “Now you can say this is Grand”

Charity Foundation “Katren” for the sixth time participated in the competition Leaders in corporate philanthropy — a joint project of the Donors Forum, an international auditing and consulting network PwC and the newspaper “Vedomosti”, aimed at support, development and promotion of corporate philanthropy ideas.

Fund Katren involved in the competition since 2011 and each year gets in the TOP 5 ranking, and in 2014, the Fund won first place in the ranking.

Corporate philanthropy became the subject of a photo exhibition “We – for the people!”, organized by the Union of professional pharmaceutical organizations, in which also participated the Charity Foundation “Katren”.

Vadim Yakunin, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of SPFO, in his speech noted that the number of companies actively involved in philanthropy, is growing every year, improving the quality of this assistance.

“Our company has demonstrated that it is willing to assume additional social obligations to the society. On their account – implemented dozens of charitable programs aimed at health promotion, support of science and basic research, targeted assistance to the needy. Most programs represent a targeted investment to provide real support in resolving socially significant problems. As practice shows, charitable donations and participation in helping the needy have become part of the strategic development of each company,” he said.

Fund Katren presented footage from his film “Inside the dream”. One of them depicted the members of the Rugby team from the orphanage “Rovesnik” of the Kemerovo region with her coach Evgeny Kosolapov, and another main character of another story, told of how the dream lives.

More details about the Foundation projects that over the 15 years of its existence KBF Katren has grown into a full programme that covers almost the entire territory of the country, said Alexander Boldyrev, Executive Director of the “forum of Donors”.

Starting with assistance to institutions for orphans, which are 2002-2005 had a very hard time, sometimes lacked the basic necessities: medicines, hygiene products, educational materials and much more, the Fund moved to system support orphanages and children’s homes, while developing and enhancing an information campaign promoting family structure of these children.

The active work of social NGOs and charity funds has led to the fact that the situation of orphanhood in the country changed radically. Today the majority of children made caring parents, get valuable experience of living in a family that will help them to create the right system of values, to the profession, to build career and to create my happy family.

But this does not mean that the mission is accomplished. Changed vector. Today, the Foundation “Katren” has assisted not only the institutions, which remain the most “difficult” children: large group of brothers and sisters, disabled children, older teenagers, but also foster families, which is not easy to solve the challenges. Three main areas of work of KBF Katren: family, health and education. Together with their long-term partners among pharmaceutical companies, the Foundation is implementing a number of projects, successfully working in more than 120 cities of Russia.

Liliya Titova, Executive Director, SPFO, said: “We knew about the work of the Fund “Catherine”, but before he started to prepare for this event, probably did not realise the extent of its activities. I can only say: this is huge. And when I learned that two boys of Rugby player, one of those depicted in the picture at the time when they were still orphans, now live in this loving family, was moved to tears.”

Charity Foundation “Katren” was established in 2003. The Foundation ZAO NPK Katren. Its activities the Foundation carries out with funds allocated by the founder, to sacrifice staff and partners of the company “Katren”. The Fund is building its development on the basis of financial transparency and accountability.

The aim of the Fund is a charitable activity aimed at social support and protection of children in orphanages, orphanages, boarding schools, children’s homes.

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