About his illness, we know more than most cancer patients know about their. After the famous St. Petersburg oncologist Andrey Pavlenko was diagnosed with... To Change the situation with cancer for the better

OncologyAbout his illness, we know more than most cancer patients know about their. After the famous St. Petersburg oncologist Andrey Pavlenko was diagnosed with stomach cancer, he decided to live a period of struggle with the disease as “open”. His new project “Life of man” on the website “so it goes” and the channel in the Telegram are quickly gaining popularity. As stated in a published Manifesto, it is designed to maximize open conversation about the complicated issues of Oncology in Russia: obstacles faced by the patient, to problems the system of cancer care.

Andrey Pavlenko – head of the cancer center of combined treatment of blades of St. Petersburg state University. In March of this year he was diagnosed with stomach cancer (low-grade adenocarcinoma) stage three. In his words, five-year survival rate in this case is 35%. Currently, the 39-year-old oncologist continues to work and engage with their new projects. He’s being treated at Saint-Petersburg clinical scientific and practical centre of Oncology, recently he had held the first course of chemotherapy.

To run twice as fast

In response to the question of the leader of TV channel “Rain” Mikhail Kozyrev, was not his first thought “why me?”, Andrew replied that it would only be a matter of the egoist, and it is not selfish. “It is better to accept the situation and act soon,” adds in an interview with “Medusa”.

These settings emphasizes every interview, every statement of the surgeon. Among its four major goals, which he described in an interview with “Medvednica”, two were completely altruistic: the development of its cancer center and of the media project “the Life of man. Such things”. In the teaser of the project Pavlenko said that his goal is to maximally open the story about cancer and the problems that can be expected of the patient. However, in an interview, he reveals broader plans, including the consolidation of leaders in the field of Oncology and the development of a program for the training of young surgical oncologists.

Andrey Pavlenko continues to work, he consults and leads organizational work in the center. Although due to complications of the chemotherapy he is currently not operating, the current scope of its activities is striking. Initially, not seeking publicity, he tried to act locally, at the level of his clinic, gradually bringing your experience to the medical community. “The disease forced me to accelerate, “he says.

In his first podcast on the website “so it goes” Andrew, mentioning the possibility of a negative result of treatment, does not speak about personal and professional problems. According to him, in case of a negative result the “chemistry” he would refuse palliative treatment (which gives serious side effects) and try as much as possible to stay in working condition:

“I make myself a total “backup”. This happens if I will not be able to go to work ever. There are a few people who gave me consent to come to the cancer center on an ongoing basis as managers”.

The patient should be informed and the right to use their time

Andrey Pavlenko says he wants to live through this difficult period “in the open”. One of the objectives is to maximize the awareness of both patients and healthy people.

“A few days after I found out about his illness, I took three of the patients with his diagnosis. They came with a ready reference of the specialized cancer institutions. None of them were informed why the treatment begins with chemotherapy, what complications await them, they do not understand,” says the oncologist.

Pavlenko is opposed to the practice of oncologists conceal from patients the real state of things in the spirit of “you’re pilipchik, we are part of kishechnika remove”. He is convinced that man must understand what he faced and what is the prognosis.

“We are all human, we all set some goals. This knowledge can give the person an opportunity to do important things,” he says in an interview with “Rain”.

Pavlenko notes that if a doctor is not enough openly communicates with the patient, one can isolate the problem, turn into apathetic zombies who does not rejoice in anything. To avoid this, the specialist requires the ability to communicate with patients.

He Pavlenko, well knowing that it can not wait, planning to use his time as efficiently as possible:

“Even under the most pessimistic scenarios I want to do the maximum in order to at least develop a road map of what needs to change and what steps need to be done to change the situation with cancer in the best way.”

In conversation with a leading “Rain” Andrey Pavlenko has told about the three stepshe would take if he became Deputy Minister of health in cancer care.

Accounting and control

According to the expert, to understand all the problems of the industry, it is necessary to conduct the audit. Pavlenko believes that at present, quality control of medical care is missing.

“What is happening at the level of OMC, this is blasphemy. They are fine medical facility for the lack of tests, and journals in history and missed commas. They can’t control the correctness of tactical decisions in Oncology because they are not competent. From the Ministry of health until there are no solutions. Happen critiques only conflict situations, and this should happen everywhere. So the first thing you need to develop a mechanism for auditing and quality control of the cancer it was a tactical decision.”

Staff shortages

To change the situation, you need to change the system personnel. The situation with the Oncology specialists Andrey Pavlenko describes as “a huge shortage of personnel”. Despite the fact that all bets are busy, the specialist said that when checking the competence of the employees, at least half of them can be easily send to finish.

This idea Andrew develops and in an interview with “Medvednica”. He noted that the funds of the national cancer program should invest in training. In real life it turned out that many oncologists do not know how to properly use the equipment the program provided medical facilities.

The solution to the financial issue

“Without an increase in funding without an increase in wages, no motivational factor will not force doctors to do their direct responsibility, treatment of patients”.

In the podcast on the website of “Such things” Pavlenko cites some of the Moscow professors who do not undertake the operation without obtaining the patient “from 100-200 thousand to infinity”, and expresses a very negative attitude to this phenomenon. To receive gratitude after the operation, Andrei tolerate as “necessary evil” in today’s situation: “Everyone thinks how to earn money and feed his family, and I can’t blame for that.”

“But you can’t just tell them about the problems. They need to be addressed, and doing it better together”, one of the most important promises Andrey Pavlenko. Today, many media are helping him to be heard, a number of oncologists expressed support. I hope that his endeavors will live and bear fruit.

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