In recent years, China has obtained the glory of the country producing the forgery not only on gadgets, but on products. But more than... The danger from China: poisonous products

In recent years, China has obtained the glory of the country producing the forgery not only on gadgets, but on products. But more than 70% of the products you see on the shelves of Russia is imported from China. Let’s explore the harmful list of foods from which one should never buy if they are made in China.

Tilapia and cod
In China almost all the fish are grown through cultivation in Chinese fish farms. And today, tilapia is the worst of all aquatic life, from which you can prepare dinner. As a rule, tilapia and cod are grown in small pools where she is forced to eat anything she caught. It is not surprising that the use of toxic substances will affect the human who eats that fish. Be careful, because 4/5 of fish in Russia is imported from China.

Chinese juice
It is worth noting that more than half of the entire range of juice, which looks at us from the shelves, brought from China. According to statistics, Asian country most polluting the planet with chemicals, but is silent about this on the packaging. Take your time and once again take a look at the packaging, making sure who is the manufacturer of the juice.

Canned Mushrooms
Scientists from the US was the tests of canned mushrooms, which showed that most Chinese parties are unfit for human consumption. It is worth emphasizing that often, manufacturers write on the packaging of the word “organic” trying to increase sales. But in fact they only deceive (and in the worst case, poison) of their customers.

Garlic from China
In order to protect the garlic from the sudden drying, it is sprayed with pesticides. This affects the taste of the product, not to mention the fact that it becomes dangerous to use. But more than 30% of the garlic on the Russian market — the Chinese.

The country also ranks first among exports of poultry. Thus, the probability of that delicious chicken on your table can be stuffed with chemicals. In addition, the Chinese actively use growth hormones for this product.

Artificial rice
Fake rice made from potato powder and materials which are often used to manufacture rubber. If the rice after cooking remained tight and still requires cooking before you fake product. And the more you use this rice, the more you increase the chance of getting cancer.

To save Chinese manufacturers add in the pepper particles sludge. It is not felt, but health can certainly be affected.

And although there is a difference in edible and industrial salt, the Chinese often import industrial product, positioning it as edible. This salt appears to hit Russia not the first year and is able to cause abnormalities in brain activity.

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