A cookie at work, a favorite treat in the cafe, the sugar in coffee – the actual diet and lifestyle of many of us.... Sports nutritionist has suggested to exclude sweets from the diet

A cookie at work, a favorite treat in the cafe, the sugar in coffee – the actual diet and lifestyle of many of us. Medical experts say that any delightful sweetness is a trap for health.

What to do to stay calm? Experts argue that sugar is a drug to the human body. Here is what you need to know to safely eliminate sugar from your diet without taking some drastic actions.

Sugar as a trap for health: informed is forearmed

Science has proven that excessive consumption of sugar triggers a number of health problems, lowering the quality of life. So, sugar is related to weight gain, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, tooth decay, liver failure, feeling of hunger, increases the level of cholesterol becomes one of the risk factors of developing cancer, especially pancreatic cancer, and mortality due to cardiovascular diseases.

Sugar is empty calories without nutrients. But do they need us? Because they are molded in humans, food addiction or just a habit for food. By the way, excessive intake of sugar and also lowers the cognitive abilities of a person, affecting the brain. When the body a lot of sugar, then there is a nutrient deficiency, delayed fatigue, muscle weakness, brittle bones.

Sports nutritionist and a functional medicine doctor Brandon Mentor says that sugar a lot of health benefits. It produces energy, optimizing a biological system of the body, however excess dose is dangerous for the human body. Excessive sugar inhibits the ability of exchange, is related to the change in the rate of insulin, as it affects its sensitivity by suppressing the immune system.

Let the consumption of sugar let everyone determine for himself what his normal day. In fact, it is individual and depends on many factors. In scientific circles it is considered that the rate of sugar for a healthy person is 50 grams (10 teaspoons), but this indicator is not universal. You will be helpful each time eating another cupcake just imagine that you are currently in a kind of trap. Now try to get out of it!

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