Jam from watermelon: the sweetest dessert in the winter
The watermelon season is just beginning and that means it’s time to make blanks from this seasonal berries for the winter. Jam from water-melon – a very sweet, delicious and vitamin. And more of it in winter, you can prepare wonderful sauces not only for desserts, but also meat... Read more
Sports nutritionist has suggested to exclude sweets from the diet
A cookie at work, a favorite treat in the cafe, the sugar in coffee – the actual diet and lifestyle of many of us. Medical experts say that any delightful sweetness is a trap for health. What to do to stay calm? Experts argue that sugar is a drug... Read more
These products need to eat at certain times of the day
Often after a meal we feel a sense of heaviness, fullness and other discomfort. Usually all the negative consequences associated with incompatibilities between products or excessive amount of food. This is partly true, but it is not the only reason. Considerable discomfort can deliver products that were not eaten... Read more
Scientists have uncovered the “magical” properties of buckwheat
After numerous studies, scientists have uncovered all the useful qualities of buckwheat. According to experts – buckwheat is one of the most useful and nutritious plant-based products, it not only promotes weight loss, but also normalizes the amount of sugar in the blood and reduces the pressure. Medical professionals... Read more
Useful properties of asparagus
Asparagus or asparagus has long been known for its useful properties. This is a bush of the asparagus family. For people who observe dietary nutrition, young shoots of asparagus are an indispensable product. This vegetable was considered very useful even in ancient Egypt. Asparagus was Read more
Experts called stress-causing and depressed products
Scientists have found a link between depression and culinary preferences Employees of Loma Linda University in the United States conducted a study in rats and found a link between depression and culinary preferences in adolescence. Worsening mood Read more
Doctors told about proper nutrition for the elderly
The elderly have their nuances of nutrition, they need to learn to eat healthy and healthy To maintain the vital activity of the organism and to correct the various conditions of the elderly organism, it is necessary to provide the body with energy and various nutrients Read more
Bakers learned to bake wonder bread
Bread contains the powerful antioxidant from the roots of the larch This product, according to the authors, displays the body of various harmful elements and improves mood. Invented a miraculous bread scientists from Chelyabinsk. Moreover, the product has passed all the necessary tests. The subjects recognized that they had... Read more
The rating of the most useful garden vegetables
The season of fresh vegetables is in full swing and you have to Supplement your diet superfudge summer. Vegetables – excellent sources of substances that have tremendous health benefits. Therefore, nutritionists recommend to include them in your diet every day and preferably eaten fresh, because they retain the maximum... Read more
Can I eat soy during pregnancy?
Is there a rate of consumption of soy for women during pregnancy? Soy has attracted much attention in recent years because it has properties such as reducing cholesterol and prevention of heart disease. Legumes also contain a lot of nutrients required by a woman during pregnancy. “In addition to... Read more