Calories is simply impossible to correctly calculate. The number of calories per day – most frequent question of interest to everyone who is getting... Doctors told why counting calories does not work

Calories is simply impossible to correctly calculate.
The number of calories per day – most frequent question of interest to everyone who is getting in the way of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.
This writes with reference to
What’s really important?
Ingredients: the ingredients and their combinations;
The quality of The products;
Method of preparation: it is important to understand how to cook even useful ingredients because any product if handled incorrectly, can be turned into poison;
Food: animal protein at dinner – a big load for the digestive system.
No calorie counting does not appear on my figure and activity. I am full of energy, health and ease.
You might think that not a hindrance, and you can monitor the composition, quality, time, but not to forget to count calories, but I will likening.
Why not count calories?
Calories – unreliable information that creates a significant psychological burden and significantly spoil the mood. Indeed, instead of enjoy a meal, a man busy counting.
Calories – an energy source, “energy value”. Thus, a calorie is the amount of energy that a body gets when they are learning.

By reducing the number of calories the energy the body is reduced. With a significant decrease in calories slows down the metabolism, worsening sleep, disturbed menstrual cycle, edema and other unpleasant consequences.
It is known that 1 gram of carbohydrate — 4 kcal, 1 g protein is 4 kcal, 1 gram of fat 9 kcal. It is absolutely conditional numbers. After all, in order to determine the exact data you need to burn food in a calorimeter and measure the amount of combustion energy. But that’s not all.
The General rule is that 1 gram of fat 9 kcal. But it is known that the fats of seafood may be up to 4 kcal and fats/ oils as much as 9 kcal.
In addition, foods and products in a variety of thermal treatments, storage and freezing, at various humidity levels are able to change their calorie content.
Manufacturers, making the calorie count for their products use the exact same information from the online tables, just like you. Moreover, the data from each individual table vary. Why overload yourself with useless, inaccurate information?
Set out the rate of calories you can eat within different number of different products. But eating dairy products, cakes and meat on 1500 calories you can’t achieve the same health effect as when the consumption of vegetables, whole grain cereals and Superfoods with the same amount of calories.
Pay attention not to how much you eat, and what I eat. Like high-quality and healthy plant-based foods and physical activity, and soon you will feel lightness and surge of energy, without the constant need to count calories.

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