Advice on work-life balance, that is, how to balance personal space and the work is dotted all over the Internet. Are expensive training sessions... Ukrainians continue to burn yourself out. How to find a balance


Advice on work-life balance, that is, how to balance personal space and the work is dotted all over the Internet. Are expensive training sessions on this topic.

But Ukrainians in the pursuit of earnings and the fear of losing the place continue to burn yourself out. And what is with all these things, versed magazine Reporter.

Workaholism, the pursuit of a career, the term “yuppies” (young professionals) — all from the 80s. it was Already proven that the failure to comply with the balance between work and life fraught with depression, mental disorders and even diseases, writes Olga Buividovich in No. 11 Magazine Correspondent. But the experience of others we transcend — and the Ukrainians continue to burn yourself out. Why is this happening?

Work takes up all of the allotted time. And on top of it

Main reason irregular schedule: come to work on time, and leaving — after I rework everything. Okay, if it’s on their own initiative, but if the user insists? But if the overtime is not paid under threat of dismissal?

According to a survey conducted in February 2018 portal to process accounts for over 90% of employees. Moreover, 25% do it constantly, 35% often, 31% rarely and only 9% — always coming and going from work on time. Last, you can say lucky. But it’s worth noting that it is not always such companies have high earnings. And most of these state-owned enterprises or public institutions.

But, maybe, if the processing paid for? As it is not so: according to the same poll, only 8% of workers are paid for processing, a 17% kompensiruet compensatory time off or premium, 17% — not always, and 58% never. Only 29% of respondents “processors” recognize that recycling is paid according to the legislation, 25% lower than stipulated in the Labour code, and another 12% for processing receive at a higher rate.

The solution? What if the administration is intruding into personal time of an employee? Raisonnee just slowly look for another job — one where there will be more to respect the working hours. Or continue to endure what is happening, if the level of payment it somehow justifies.

Given that a quarter of those who recycles, been doing it for five years, then perhaps it suits them.

I — the immortal pony

Another reason for the deregulation of work and personal space — it is the specificity of the work itself. This applies more to creative professions, but also professions where the result is important and not obvious price to achieve it.

Agree that is hardly a fitter in a factory or a concrete worker on the construction of the skyscraper will be able to defend two shifts without loss of quality or risk of injury. So, for example, truck drivers in developed countries are registrars working time. And violation of is punishable by the most severe, because the risks are high and potential losses are huge.

But the overexploitation of the designer or programmer. The song, which is sung on a small horse carrying his burden, just about it.

This is especially true of those who work in new projects or to lead several tasks simultaneously. Someone young, with iron health, takes upon himself superigrushka. And Woe to him if he will not eventually acquire the ability to distinguish between work and personal space.

But there are those who, after a severe time pressure and multitasking, just be on the verge of having to drop out of reality. And while sometimes do not even understand what is happening to them. As told by the creative producer of one of Ukrainian television Natalia Konova, a few years ago, it happened a similar story. Nobody forced her to work hard, just she, being a workaholic and responsible person, could not leave working post, because I thought that without it the work will stop.

Natalia is lucky to have in time turned to a psychologist, and then got a treatment of depression in one of the capital of private clinics, so this story ended more or less successfully. Now, despite her love for new ambitious projects, Natalie is trying to strike a balance between work and personal life. While it is possible to her.

Work and anxiety

A phenomenon called “workaholism”, firmly entrenched in the lifestyle of a successful citizen. According to the psychologist, Gestalt therapist Svetlana Skarlos, on the one hand, it is a socially acceptable phenomenon, when people are just eager to work: “it is believed that they are great, successful men. But in fact, often burns at work are badly organizing his time, not very well build its borders and insensitive to themselves and their needs. Moreover, the larger the city the more this phenomenon is more common.”

Why? First of all, the more one uses, the less likely to stop or give up something, as there is already triggered by the following factors: low self-esteem, sense of belonging, competence and the illusion of control, which in turn reduces neurotic anxiety.

According to Skarlos, workaholism is closely linked with self esteem and anxiety. “Work becomes overvalued, because it seems more reliable than all the rest: it will not betray, will not go on a binge, will not make trouble. This is something that you can rely on, allowing you to feel that “I’m all right,” and relationship with work are more predictable than people,” she says. Sometimes it looks scary when a person does not believe that it is valuable in itself, but “deserves the right to live” only by working hard, being efficient with every minute.

Here the value of the “got blood” and “idleness is still Vice”. This is a Hello from the war and postwar generation. Then it was necessary hard work to restore it all. But, despite the fact that long come another time, the installation remained. Such employees are called “alarming” and they are very valuable because they never have any misfires due to the fact that they try to fill their time completely work and maximize its structure.

Of course, there are times in life when you have to work in such conditions is to break or to run the project, receiving a worthy reward. But it is impossible in such conditions to work constantly, since then can attack and retribution. Well, if it was limited to the usual depression, which, if it is caught early, it is possible to stop in the Bud with the help of a psychologist and/or mild antidepressants.

But it happens that in this combustion at work people just do not notice the disease, which sometimes can end and life collapse.

Pressure at work

Near workaholism walks under the handle of such phenomenon as pressure. This is when management, for whatever reasons requires employees to “live at work”. This happened to Vitaly Fyodorovich at a previous job, when at the interview he was warned that will have to work almost 24 hours a day. “I was press Secretary, but I had to simultaneously perform the duties and to attract customers to our organization, and resolve issues with contracts and accounts. Families almost never seen, because they were at 20 tasks, and only had one day off — Monday”, — said Yanukovych. In the end, when after the dismissal of some staff of their responsibilities piled up on him, and every day he began to return after 22:00, forcing your child to be asleep, Yanukovych decided to quit. However, before that, found another job.

Yanukovych went on a radical step. And what about those who are not ready for such a movement? As said HR expert portal Tatyana Pashkina, sometimes employees resort to tricks. “They’re having a little rest, explaining that illness or some other reasons. The main thing — not to abuse it”. If you decide to dismissal, it is best to prepare spare area — money supply or a new job. “Why in Ukraine the turnover of employees every year more and more? Because people are looking for a new job because the old doesn’t suit them,” she says.

What threatens

According to the psychologist, overload at work can develop any disease, depending on the physical features of a particular person: “When a person brings himself to exhaustion, any system that would be the weakest in the body (genetically or due to illness earlier), may fail”. And it can happen before he will begin to suffer from depression — as is commonly believed, the most common reaction on “burnout”. Although depression is now beyond the level of the epidemic. According to who, suffers from it more than 300 million people of all age groups — 25 almost every inhabitant of the Earth. And, for example, according to the surgeon, the chief of Department of General and abdominal surgery clinic Oberig Nicholas Mendel, this condition can lead to quite serious diseases. “The nervousness smoothly in irritable bowel syndrome, is a disease of the intestine, and ulcer of the stomach that often ends with surgery. If a person is forced to sit constantly in the workplace, this will entail diseases such as low back pain and physical inactivity. If the person experiences the stress of authoritarian bosses, you may have heart disease or illness associated with pressure. Sometimes strokes comes,” said the doctor.

How can I avoid this? As advised by Mendel, feeling the signs of impending depression, contact a psychologist who will help you to understand yourself and find the reason of such condition. It is the psychologists will help to set it up because workaholism is just a symptom, and we must not treat him, and what this leads to.

Then you need to prioritize, taking into account the time management and the ability to relax. But if you already started having some painful symptoms in the body, then it is better for a complete examination to identify the nidus. “It happens that the ulcer, which requires surgical treatment, starts to bleed. Bleeding can be stopped with conservative methods of treatment, and to operate having. The key is to establish the cause, and then already to be treated”, — concludes the doctor.

Those outside the risk areas? Those people who are more or less psychologically healthy, able to prioritize and think that they have the right to live their lives, while remaining no less valuable employees.


Nadezhda Gurina, freelancer

I had a period when I was selling advertising on the website. My boss I got bullied because I was different from my colleagues. I was significantly overweight, and she publicly made fun of me. But I had a loan for an apartment, I had to paste and go to work. However, not always, sometimes I have twisted my knees and I couldn’t get out. And when I was 29 years old. Depression, fortunately, was not. I just have no desire to go. Another chief was, who loved to play with people. The guy who was fired, leaving to a competitor, he kicked to the corridor and allowed everyone to push and spit. Everyone was in shock, but nobody agreed. Then there was the case when I for the chief, the tyrant went to a therapist. When our meetings became more frequent, I first wanted to quit, and then decided that we should become stronger and survive this stress. I continued to walk and to work and to the therapist, because she knew that with a good salary I will spend a lot of money on these visits, but also will be able to repay the loan for the apartment. But at some point I finally quit and later started freelancing. It lasts five months, during which time it was two full weekends and three days I spent at sea. But I get up every morning and rejoice, because doing what I like. When you want to relax, go to the movies or to a Spa.

Vitaliy, journalist

In a previous paper, where I was press Secretary, I was thrown off additional responsibilities. Had not only to communicate with journalists, but also to attract customers to enter into contracts, to resolve issues with partners that are not exactly like part of my duties. Not only did I barely saw my family, but since weekend at any time of the year I had to work all the time on the street — like in the heat of +30 C and in 20-degree weather, it started to affect the health. Started strongly to jump pressure. But given that I was constantly talking about raising the salary, I tried to hold on. The enlightenment started to occur, when after the accident I went to hospital with bruises and injuries of the kidneys. Then the partners who I was attracted to the organization, helped me a lot. I just called and asked when I get out. But the turning point came when a retired regular employees and I was thrown out of their job. After about a month I came back home not before 22:00, and even later, decided that enough is enough and started looking for work managed to find a couple of months. It’s different here, a guide is loyal and I like what I do.

Viktoriya Boguslavskaya, freelancer, moderator page SP — joint purchase

My working day usually begins at 6:30, 21:00 the computer shuts down, but not always, sometimes work until midnight. In parallel with the online sales, I combine work in the charity Fund. The day is very full sale, the business of the Fund, sending parcels by mail, trust Fund, search for new and interesting products, find donors to pay for the treatment, home, kitchen, three children, a master’s degree! Often there are conflict situations with suppliers, with customers. I, as a person anxious, these days is hard. Is that buyers have already paid for the goods and the supplier feeds Breakfast. In the end, two weeks of nerves on all sides, and as a result comes a very different model. The scandal with suppliers, grievances of customers, money back. Sometimes reminiscent of a squirrel in a wheel and want it wheel spun a bit slower. But I guess we are all accustomed to this way of life. The rest? I sometimes think that I’m not tired, this is my lifestyle, I love him, love my children, my family. Weekend together watching a movie, will go out with the kids somewhere in the Park. And most importantly, you know what? Enjoy life! Not to think of what you have and not upset about it, and be happy with what they have… Just smile — my husband, children, the sun or even the rain, after all it is our life.

Natalia Konova, creative producer

Previously, with colleagues I could happily discuss the eternal theme of TV: who was killed on the job. But to a certain point. Once, when running the program, the team worked for three months with virtually no days off. And the last three days before its release, I almost didn’t sleep. During the program there was a rather complicated situation in which the user somehow blamed me. After graduation, I went home. The next day had to go through another one. I wanted to sleep. But I was sick, and pouring out tears. Waiting for the morning, I called the psychologist of the program and asked her to give some medicine so that I could release for another cycle. She sent me one private neuropsychiatric clinic, where I asked the doctors about the same. They listened to my request and put on a drip, but such that I blacked out almost daily. Waking up the next day, I realized that was on the verge of madness. I announced to my friends that are in the hospital, and unplugged the phone. After a few days felt much better. Then I decided to turn on the phone. I immediately called the boss and scolded for something I did not even ask for these days came program. In that project, I never came back. Then I had therapy, was even more bruised people. And happy that I managed to avoid it. Finally I got rid of workaholism due to a fracture I had three months to spend in bed. Friends started collecting money and took care of me in every way. Then I realized that without work to live and that there are people who need me.

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