The answer to this question is found neuroscientists from the United States. According to their theory, all the matter in our brain. When... To attract the hormones of joy. How to experience the pleasure diets and Jogging?

The answer to this question is found neuroscientists from the United States. According to their theory, all the matter in our brain. When we apply the usual way, the brain calm. But you should begin to live a new life, he is stressed and begins to produce adequate hormones – adrenaline and cortisol. They make us miserable. To cope with a bad mood, there are two ways – or to get used to a new life, or to force the brain to produce happy hormones – dopamine, endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin, which nullify the action of stress hormones.

The first way will take quite a long time. Scientists have found that the formation of new habits takes at least 45 days. During this time, the brain manages to create a strong neural chains that turn a new action into a chore, thus saving him from the stress. Does this mean that for 45 days until a new habit is not completely fixed, you are doomed to suffer? Not at all. If you call on the help of hormones of joy, a transitional period will be surprisingly easy. So, let’s start!


How it works. This hormone creates a feeling of joy that you reach the goal. That feeling when people say: “Eureka! I found it!”

Where to find it. Celebrate each small step on your way to new habits. Celebrating small victories will give more dopamine than if you save the hormone for the feeling of joy about one of great achievement. Pleasure from big win last as much as the joy from the intermediate result. If so, keep a journal of my new life to do every day without cigarettes, every rejection of bad food or every rise on my morning run!


How it works. Endorphins give a feeling of lightness and forgetfulness, which helps alleviate the pain. Often this condition is called euphoria.

Where to find it. Laughter stimulates the synthesis of endorphins. So take the time to view a Comedy or Comedy programs.

Another way to get endorphins is to perform stretching exercises. And if so, if you really can’t force yourself to go Jogging, to start with a workout, stretching the muscles.


How it works. Generates a feeling of safety among his own kind. It is the oxytocin that makes us experience the joy of communication.

Where to find it. Gentle touch stimulate production of oxytocin. So the correct way to obtain this hormone, often hugging. Say, to feel happy, a person needs to hug at least 7 minutes a day.

Lonely people American scientists suggest to use massage. When the brain doesn’t really matter whether you do massage a professional or do the rubbing and stroking tired muscles after Jogging.


How it works. Creates a sense of recognition and respect from others.

Where to find it. Brag about your achievements on the way to a new habit. Try for a month and a half to talk to someone at least once a day: “Look what I managed to do it!”

The comment of the expert

Family psychologist, art therapist, business coach Olga Zavodila:

– In the first stage of work with a new habit to feel miserable absolutely fine. After all, learning is always difficult, and even harder to relearn. Therefore, one should not rush and expect useful habit will settle in instantly.

For the first time, you will inevitably overcome the temptation to return to his former way of life. Therefore, the disruption of diet or skipping Jogging should be treated calmly. In this case, it is important not to berate yourself, but to think that can help you in working out the new habit. Maybe you don’t have time for a morning jog? Then try to stand on the first call of alarm, to think from the evening outfit and pack a bag the night before. Or start Jogging in the evening. Maybe you like to go out in a beautiful shape? Do not deny yourself the pleasure to buy it. And of course, often remember about motivation: for example, you want to start running to keep healthy, then to go for a run is more important than to lie on the couch or clean.
Often the formation of healthy habits prevent over-ambitious targets and raised the strap. No need to start with an hour of Jogging is too difficult for a beginner, so to go to the gym the next time will be even harder and nastier than the first. Better to go to the goal gradually – start with twenty minutes, but be careful not to miss classes.

Looking for a nice side to your new habit. If you do run, do it in a beautiful Park, and not on the street with faceless grey buildings. The presence of like-minded people will also help to rebuild. Find friends who also want to improve their health and do morning jogs, or sign up for group exercise classes. This will also give the necessary support. But beware, do not discuss your new habit with people, prone to criticism and a skeptical attitude. You are so hard, so negative comments and other people’s doubts to anything.

If, in spite of a burning desire and persistence, you did not get to change your lifestyle, seek help from a psychologist. Work in tandem with a specialist will help you to form new habits.

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