What appear bumps on legs? Is it possible to get rid of them and how to do it? The age at which you can... Surgeon Bahaudin Akhmedov: to remove bumps on legs at any age

What appear bumps on legs? Is it possible to get rid of them and how to do it? The age at which you can do the operation?

Blame the high heels?

One of the most common problems with which patients go to the orthopedic – hallux valgus (deformity of the foot in the metatarsophalangeal joint). And in a simple way – a bump on the big toe. The bump, and curved toes not only look ugly but also cause a lot of problems: pain when walking, worsening of gait, the inability to choose not that beautiful and fashionable, and even just comfortable shoes.

– Bagaudin gadzhievich, what is the main reason for the appearance of bumps on the foot? Is it only in the notorious narrow high-heeled shoes?

– No, this is misleading. Because this form of deformity is often found in men, but they somehow do without high heels. According to statistics, every third patient with hallux valgus (30%) – representatives of the stronger sex.

Hallux valgus is a result of flatfoot congenital or acquired. A person with this problem when walking the center of gravity in the foot is shifted to the anterior, and eventually deform the joint, and the fingers go to the side. Not always, but about 80% of cases with flat feet develops a problem. This usually happens after 40 years when the ligaments of the foot loses elasticity. To provoke the disease can and overweight. There is also a genetic predisposition: as a rule, in the family, this feature of the foot there with my grandmother, and my mother and my daughter. As for high heels, they only stimulate and accelerate the process of deformity in people who already have either flat feet or bad heredity.

– Uh, reassured. Then continue to wear studs!

Wear, if you really need them, but not often and not for long periods of time. In General, the heels of orthopaedic surgeons special relationship: we see them as the culprits of many troubles with the spine and strictly recommend wearing shoes with high heels no more than 2 hours a day.

Women who walk in such shoes, for some reason think it’s their decorate. In the opinion of doctor, all the way around. When a person stands on the high heels, disturbed biomechanics of the ankle, knee, hip joints, lumbar spine and cervical. That is, at the same time is forced to bend and your knees and back, and neck. Is it beautiful? Very doubtful. Moreover, it is inconvenient. And most importantly – very bad!

– Well, will not abuse. In everyday life – only flats!

– Wrong again. When a person is straight, the load on the heel part of the foot is 65%, and the forefoot – 35%. But if you wear shoes with a heel of 1.5–2 cm, the load between the heel and the forefoot of the foot is distributed equally – 50 to 50. And when the heel higher, every inch of him distributes the load from heel to toe for 10%. The result is ligaments get tired and wear out. Against this background, the first bump is an exostosis and occurs curvature of the fingers. Therefore, the correct shoes must have a heel, but low.

The result once and for all

– How to understand the person with valgus deformity, the necessity arose to do the operation? And is there any alternative methods?

– Refer to an orthopedic surgeon, is possible and necessary at any stage of the disease: and at the first sign, and in advanced forms. For successful surgical treatment of hallux valgus does not matter! Any, even the most pronounced problem can be corrected. Age limit is also there. Among our patients, get rid of the bumps on the foot – men 40 to 70 years of age and older.

There are two clear criteria for surgical treatment:

– pain, discomfort when walking;

pronounced aesthetic defect.

Nevertheless, it is important to understand that foot surgery is not cosmetic surgery! This intervention is aimed at restoring the correct anatomy and function of the foot that is essential for health. Well, that right foot still looks beautiful – it’s the details, though, of course, very important, especially for women.

How surgeons correct the deformity?

– Over the past 100 years the world has developed more than 400 types of interventions for the correction of valgus deviation of the big toe. Doctors are constantly improving surgical techniques, aiming to achieve the best possible treatment outcome.

We in our center are performed as open surgery (small skin incision) and minimally invasive (no incision through multiple punctures of the skin). Because hallux valgus, as a rule, it happens on both legs, it is better to operate on both feet. This saves the patient from having to re-hospitalization and all the associated hassle. Operation on two legs lasts on average 1 to 1.5 hours.

Don’t believe the myths!

– Say after the surgery the patient experiences terrible pain. Is this true?

– No. We during the operation of the applied conductive anesthesia with the use of modern drugs. The patient does not feel any discomfort during the surgical intervention, also for 7-14 hours after he did not require additional analgesia.

In addition, in our work, we refused from the plaster bandages which still impose the operated patients, and they have to wear for 6 weeks. In our center we use modern implants for fixation of bone fragments after corrective osteotomy. On the second day after the operation the patient is to wear orthopedic shoes and carefully to his feet. The process of full rehabilitation usually takes a month and a half, and all this time the man leads a normal lifestyle with small limitations in physical activity.

– Is it true that a few years after the operations bumps up again in the same place?

– It is also a myth. Modern surgical technology that we use allow us to achieve results not just long-term, and final and irrevocable. If done properly corrective osteotomy to restore the normal anatomy of the foot, the bumps will not appear never, because we eliminate the cause in which they appeared.

– On the Internet you can find lots of recipes that supposedly helped people to get rid of bumps on legs and without the help of doctors. Is it possible?

– No lotions of medicinal herbs or decoction of potatoes or iodine mesh or packs of fish or a pack with a mixture of salt and snow and other “healers” do not help to correct a valgus foot deformity. Even if you will be treated in these ways on a daily basis for decades, you are just wasting your time, and the disease will move from the initial stage to running.

How to prevent the development of bunions on the foot

  • To prevent the development of flatfoot or time to treat it. Will help individual orthopedic insoles, physical therapy, physiotherapy, wearing the right shoes. But in advanced stages it is only effective operation.
  • To lose weight (extra weight increases the stress on the ligaments of the foot).
  • Avoid prolonged standing work.
  • Wear comfortable shoes with a wide heel not higher than 4 cm

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