In parks, squares, in open stadiums in the morning, today you can often see people out for a morning jog. For you the idea... Stimulant mood. 10 reasons to go for a morning jog

Morning_jogIn parks, squares, in open stadiums in the morning, today you can often see people out for a morning jog. For you the idea to get up an hour earlier than usual looks weird? Or are you, on the contrary, dream of to join them, but can not decide? Told for both.

How to run?

Not so long ago, doctors started talking about what to run, and referred to the United States. Supposedly there is an epidemic all ran in the 1970-1980-ies and… resorted to heart attacks and strokes. This story is true in part. Overload heart Jogging is dangerous, if it is so unhealthy. But the other “contraindications” (which in the morning is not produced some of the hormone and physical activity, yet the body did not really woke up, harmful) is no more than excuses.

“If we talk about running as a physical activity, not sport, it’s good in many ways, – said the head of the trauma Department of the clinical hospital named. Botkin Boris Kale. – A light jog is primarily a stimulator of muscle activity, cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous system, stimulant mood. Due to the fact that while Jogging aktiviziruyutsya blood circulation, improves nutrition tissues – hence the pros”.

Despite the many advantages of Jogging are not for everyone.

“Running is a serious exercise, – explains Boris Kale. – It can be harmful for people with cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, injuries, and arthritis. A great weight – is also a contraindication. If you are over 40 years old you never played sports and all of a sudden going to run, it is best to first visit the local therapist”. If the doctor will suspect sent to a cardiologist. The offer of a stress test – a few minutes on a treadmill or stationary bike with electrocardiogram and measurement of blood pressure. This will allow you to calculate training regime and to exclude hidden pathology of the cardiovascular system that may manifest at high loads with heart rhythm disorders, sudden release of pressure including heart attacks.

Tune in to the gym. Mentally draw in my head all the advantages that you will get. In the classroom through the power of little use.

Start with a warm-up. Before running, it is necessary to warm up the leg muscles. A good warm-up facilitates the workout and reduces the risk of injury. Increase the load gradually. If you never ran, you can start with just a quick walk away. With a sharp and prolonged stress in the muscles accumulate lactic acid (athletes call it the “clogged muscle”), any uncomfortable feelings that force us to skip a workout. And the meaning of the exercises just in regularity.

Alternate running and walking if the long run is difficult. The same technique allows to increase the duration of exercise if necessary.

If, during running some discomfort in the stomach, stabbed in the side, so the load to the body too large. Therefore, it gives a painful reaction to stop the “master”. This often occurs in untrained runners.

Follow the heart beat, so as not to fall down right there on the treadmill. The average heart rate during the run should be equal to 110 to 140 beats per minute. There are special devices – heart rate monitors that you wear while running. Easier way: if during training you can safely say – so, all right, the load is acceptable.

To run better in shoes. Running on a hard surface, on asphalt in normal shoes or sneakers injure the foot and kills the spine. There is a special running shoes with the cushioning and wide sole.

What and when to eat?

“If you run in the morning, you need to first have Breakfast – on an empty stomach to train desirable – advises the head of Consultative and diagnostic centre “health and sports nutrition” SCIENCE “FITS of food and biotechnology,” Catherine burljaeva. – 30 minutes – max an hour after awakening it is necessary to eat something from complex carbohydrates (wholegrain bread, vegetables and fruits, legumes, greens, cereals) and protein (eggs, milk, cheese, lean meat). An hour after eating you can go for a run. If you plan to run 3-4 hours after Breakfast, a half-hour before you need to eat simple (fast) carbohydrates – an energy bar, chocolate bar, candy, drink sweet tea (2nd Breakfast). Thus, the body will draw energy for physical activity from food and not from its internal reserves, in particular due to the destruction of the muscles. After 30 minutes of running you can again eat. Again, if you run after Breakfast, enough protein and carbohydrate snack, such as nuts and chocolates. Those who run managed to eat the main and second Breakfast, after a workout, you need a complete meal consisting of complex carbs and protein. You can drink the water immediately after your workout, as well as in small SIPS during the run.”

Ten advantages of running in the morning

  • Trains the heart muscle. The heart is forced to beat faster to pump more blood, and therefore, over time, getting used to the load, becoming stronger and stronger. It is no coincidence that Jogging is cardio coaching cardiovascular system.
  • Increase strength and endurance. Generally the day started with Jogging, it is possible to do much more work before fatigue will drive to the sofa. Running it in the morning sets you for the day.
  • It improves mood. During exercise, the body released chemicals called endorphins, or pleasure hormones. So, small problems at work to worry will be easier.
  • Improves brain function because the brain gets more blood supply. So after a run if you can find a solution that does not yield.
  • Increases resistance to infections. Jogging in the fresh air act as a tempering procedure, especially if you run in any weather.
  • Aktiviziruyutsya metabolic processes. This means, from the body rapidly removes harmful substances, it is purified and renewed, because the blood runs faster through the vessels.
  • Produced by the discipline. To be able to run, you have to get up early in the morning and in the evening before going to bed.
  • Does not increase body weight. A special diet don’t wait. Jogging Jogging at a speed of 8 km per hour for one hour burns 500-600 kcal (see infographic). The same can be obtained by eating just 100-gram chocolate bar. On the other hand, when a person runs, he doesn’t eat.
  • Strengthening muscles. If you regularly run, the muscles will be maintained in good shape. The body will look fit and younger.
  • Improves the skin condition. Due to the stimulation of blood circulation to the epidermis are supplied with more nutrients. So the skin, hair becomes more elastic, longer retain moisture. Namely the lack of moisture leads to the appearance of aging.

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