Hard to find someone who at least once in my life suffered from pain in the back, muscles and joints. As a rule, associate... Rheumatism and his companions. Why aching joints and how to treat them?

Hard to find someone who at least once in my life suffered from pain in the back, muscles and joints. As a rule, associate it with low back pain, sciatica or rheumatism. The majority believes that these diseases are no different.

Three of these diseases — the most common disease of the joints. However, they should be treated differently.

Rheumatism is an inflammation of the connective tissue that affects the joints. The symptoms of rheumatism appear some time after infection and spread gradually. If the rheumatism is not recognised in time, and not be treated, the consequences can be sad — the rheumatism affects not only the joints but the heart.

Sciatica is the inflammation of the nerve root of the spinal nerve. The disease begins suddenly. After an awkward movement “comes back” and man can neither bend nor straighten. Sciatica is treated by rest, massage, pain relieving and warming means.

Osteochondrosis is not a disease but a chronic degenerative change in the intervertebral space. Symptoms of degenerative disc disease ( aching pain, fatigue, discomfort) have all the people living over 25 years abroad. To avoid osteochondrosis impossible. The only thing that under force the patients to avoid its complications. It usually is assigned physiotherapy and therapeutic exercise.

The patient can only suspect yourself or that disease. To diagnose ( and at the same time to issue a certificate of temporary incapacity) and prescribe the correct treatment can only a doctor.

Workout for all

After acute symptoms are gone, you will recommend physical activity.

At moderate physical exertion improves blood circulation, strengthens the vascular wall, the joints, says Daniel Kalutskih, the champion of the Guinness book of records, Cirque du Soleil artist, Therefore, everyone, especially the sedentary office workers, it is recommended to do warm up exercises for the muscles of the neck and back. Exercises should be done slowly and be sure to breathe!

For the neck:

Exactly sitting, staring, need without turning his head, tilt it to the right ear trying to reach the shoulder. Shoulders with the best down and stretch toward the head. If necessary, can be put on the head arm, to weight. Repeat both sides 3-5 times. Over time, the number of sets can be increased.

Also for stretching the side muscles of the neck will be useful head turns left and right. When performing exercises it is important that the spine was smooth, and opinion sought as far as possible back through the left and over the right shoulder, respectively.

For the back:

The most simple and effective exercise for the back is the squat. The back should be rounded, bent. In this position, you should try to put your heels on the floor. The next, more difficult step would be the reduction of the knees as close as possible to each other. The complex version of the run — in, kept my knees and put the heels to keep his hands behind his back. This exercise is aimed at stretching the spine and longitudinal muscles of the back.

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