Give the green light. That will help to identify cancer of the oral cavity?
The price paid for civilization The number of cases of oral cancer is increasing from year to year. Cancer is a kind of retribution of mankind for civilization: food chemical additives, harmful radiation from electrical appliances, automobile exhaust, and unfavorable environmental conditions – all this leads to increased morbidity.... Read more
The United States called the worst place to give birth among the developed countries
The study lasted four years: studied at the maternity Department of hospitals in the country, conducted interviews with families who lost loved ones and women who caused damage during their birth. The United States has called the most dangerous place for the birth of children among the developed countries,... Read more
To attract the hormones of joy. How to experience the pleasure diets and Jogging? The answer to this question is found neuroscientists from the United States. According to their theory, all the matter in our brain. When we apply the usual way, the brain calm. But you should begin to live a new life, he is stressed and begins to produce adequate... Read more
Tents health. Moscow doctors consult in parks
Official portal of the Mayor and Government of Moscow A list of the parks that make up a marathon “Moscow healthy summer,” he expanded. To free medical consultations and medical examinations will be on-site, part of Gorky Park. Tent of health will start work next weekend. It throughout the... Read more
Ukrainians continue to burn yourself out. How to find a balance
Advice on work-life balance, that is, how to balance personal space and the work is dotted all over the Internet. Are expensive training sessions on this topic. But Ukrainians in the pursuit of earnings and the fear of losing the place continue to burn yourself out. And what is... Read more
Scientists have learned to identify Alzheimer’s disease years before the first symptoms
The emergence of analysis is capable of diagnosing the disease years before the onset of symptoms, will give patients the opportunity to take countermeasures. A new blood test, developed by an international team of scientists allows to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease long before first symptoms. Reported by the New Atlas.... Read more
Sun, don’t kiss! How to get rid of hyperpigmentation
Our experts: the doctor-cosmetician-dermatologist Alexander Brindle; dermatologist-oncologist Olga Mashkov. The deposition of pigment in the skin does not always occur evenly. Where the melanin activity increased, and there are ugly spots. The most vulnerable places – the face, chest, shoulders, neck, arms. Hot summers, especially in the southern resort... Read more
A nail in the sole. How dangerous is a heel spur and how to get rid of it
What is a heel spur? Heel spurs or, in medical terms, plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the powerful connection plate, which is stretched across the sole on top of the muscle and is attached to four branches to the metatarsal bones of the toes. This disease causes the... Read more
Stimulant mood. 10 reasons to go for a morning jog
In parks, squares, in open stadiums in the morning, today you can often see people out for a morning jog. For you the idea to get up an hour earlier than usual looks weird? Or are you, on the contrary, dream of to join them, but can not decide?... Read more