Probably everyone has a couple of friends or neighbors — let’s call them Damian and Raisa Pavlovna S. — retired, who has found an... Inflammation of the knee: causes, symptoms and treatment

Probably everyone has a couple of friends or neighbors — let’s call them Damian and Raisa Pavlovna S. — retired, who has found an outlet in the country and love to mess around with flower beds and bushes of tomatoes.

But this hobby has a downside. Once Damian S. disappears from sight. According to the couple, it became difficult to walk due to arthritis — inflammation of the knee joint. This problem is very typical for summer residents, especially the elderly.

How does the arthritis?

Our conventionally taken the pensioner complains of aching in the joints when weather changes. This is one of the specific symptoms of arthritis, detection of which urgently need to seek medical help, otherwise the joint may lose mobility.

Like any inflammatory process, arthritis of the knee characterized by pain, redness and swelling. The knee becomes hot, bad bends, walking becomes difficult. When moving the joint may appear/be heard crunching. Sometimes it feels like the knee is bursting from the inside.

Troubles can add insomnia and headaches, weakness, fatigue and poor appetite. Can increase the body temperature. That’s why Damian S. has ceased to leave the house and constantly in a bad mood.

Why aching joints truckers?

The principle of operation of a knee joint similar to the mechanism of the car. Here, each item performs its important function of bones is a skeleton, the cartilage protects the bones from abrasion, synovial fluid is a lubricant, it facilitates sliding and protects the elements of the joint from wear and tear, ligaments connect the bones of the femur and tibia, cartilage, meniscus is the shock absorbers and stabilizers. To the knee joint are attached to the muscles, which leg is bent and unbent for communication with the brain in knees there are nerve receptors, power provide of blood vessels, protect against infection lymph nodes. The system is complicated and fragile at the same time — knees very easily injured, they suffer from excessive stress and, like cars, need regular movement otherwise the mechanism is “rusty”: over time, your knees begin to “knock”, “crunch”, sore and swollen.

Conventionally, all the causes of arthritis can be divided into specific and nonspecific. The first group includes infectious diseases, the second “improper use” of the joints: high loads, injuries, sedentary lifestyle, excess body weight. If arthritis specific, it should be treated in parallel with the main disease. Arthritis can also be a companion of psoriasis which is not contagious.

Summer residents included in risk groups. Long stay in one position, frequent lifting, careless movement in the bed — joints wear out quickly.

In older people arthritis occurs in the background of the salt deposits in the joints and slow metabolism. No wonder they say: motion is life.

How to get rid of arthritis

Each garden Association August — hot time. Need the time to collect ripe fruits and vegetables, to prepare the earth and plant the root crops — onions, carrots, beets, radishes. And for all on country calendar dedicated their time. Peace is the basic requirement of experts during exacerbation of arthritis. However, the arthritis, unlike osteoarthritis, can be treated with drugs. The main thing — not to start the problem and time to seek professional help.

Modern medicine can do without pills that can adversely affect liver function. To reduce pain, swelling and inflammation of the knee joint will help Airtal® cream is the only aceclofenac in a form of a cream, with proven clinical efficacy. Airtal® cream has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic activity. When this colorless cream is odorless and has no warming or cooling effect — to use it comfortably. Airtal® should be applied and massaged on the affected area three times a day. The applied dose depends on the size of the affected area: 1.5-2 g of cream Airtal® (approximately equivalent to a strip of cream the length of 5-7 cm).

Diseases of the joints active “younger”. This is largely due to sedentary lifestyles. On reception to the rheumatologist increasingly, young employees of the IT industry, accountants, managers and other office workers. They spend a lot of time on the computer, without changing the position of the body, which affects the joints.

Proper diet, active lifestyle, adequate physical activity and comfortable shoes is to preserve the health of the joints is not too difficult. If trouble happened, come to the aid of Airtal® cream is a modern drug in the form of a cream for the treatment of pain, inflammation and swelling in joints.


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