Says famous dancer and choreographer Eugene Granatino: – There are two main types of rope: dynamic and static. Dynamic – this is a vertical... How to do the splits? 6 effective exercises

Says famous dancer and choreographer Eugene Granatino:

– There are two main types of rope: dynamic and static. Dynamic – this is a vertical twine, or twine in a standing position. Static is a twine made in a horizontal position sitting on the floor. I’ll tell you about the basic exercises with which you will be able to sit in a static string. And from there to a dynamic will not be so far away. Next are my basic rules to the perfect twine.

6 steps to the perfect stretch

No. 1. Start stretching exercises to the ligaments of the should only after will be well-warmed muscles. It will be enough for such simple, but effective “razogrevaem” like walking on stairs, running (and in place), jumping rope, squats, circular rotation of the legs, bent at the knees. This warm up should spend at least 10 minutes.

No. 2. To do stretching of muscles and ligaments need regular. Better every day. However, it is not necessary to expose the muscle training load too long. Enough just 25-30 minutes a day, ideally morning and evening. This frequency of training is optimal to achieve acceptable results within two months.

No. 3. Without preliminary warming up of muscles is a risk of damaging the ligaments. And their recovery may take several months.

No. 4. If stretching exercises do you do in a cool room, suggest to wear leg leg warmers or tights as to achieve the desired result of the ligament is very important to keep warm.

No. 5. During exercise do not try to stretch the muscles as possible. Feel the measure, otherwise you can damage not only the muscles but also the joints, and then to return to execution of your dream – the splits – you will be able only a few months later.

No. 6. During the exercises breathe normally, don’t lie to breath and not hold it.

The most effective exercises for stretching the ligaments

  • Exercise 1

Lying on the floor, alternately on each side, raise in Mahe free leg, locking it in the up position for 20-25 seconds. This exercise can be performed lying fully on his side and leaning on bent at the elbow. The number of repetitions on each leg – 20-30 times on each leg.

This same exercise can be done standing up. Standing leg swings should be done forward, backward and sideways.

  • Exercise 2

Sit on the floor and legs apart, the letter “V”, without bending their knees. The wider the legs are divorced, the better. Maintaining this leg position, do the slopes of the body alternately to one leg, the other leg, trying to clasp feet hands. The back should be kept flat without bending her hard in the back and do not slouch. Drag as low as possible for the greatest sensation of stretching muscles and ligaments. The duration of this exercise is 1 minute.

  • Exercise 3

Continuing to sit on the floor, keep feet together and pull them forward, also without bending the knees. Do forward bends in this position, pulling the hands to the feet and trying to grasp or reach fingers to toes. The duration of this exercise is 1 minute.

This exercise can be done standing up. In this case, the legs should be diluted slightly wider than shoulder width.

  • Exercise 4

Put one leg back, the other make a wide step forward and perform a deep lunge. The knee of the exposed leg should be just above the heel. The hips should pull at the same down to the floor. In this position, drop the elbows on the floor, forearms forming a triangle with the sides of the legs backwards. In this position, the stand 30 seconds. Then change the leg and repeat this exercise.

  • Exercise 5

Lie back on the floor. Thighs tightly pressed to the floor. One leg bent at the knee and standing on the floor. Another leg stretch and, taking her opposite hand behind the ankle without bending at the knee, pull to the chest. Falls short of the maximum position in which the raised leg remains straight and stay in this position for 30 seconds. Then change the leg and done the same thing with her. Try performing this exercise keep your buttocks off the floor (this exercise incorrectly).

  • Exercise 6

In standing position put one leg in front of you, keeping the position of the foot exactly in the direction of your hips, toes forward. The other foot set aside back, turning the foot outwards 45 degrees. Leaning forward, rested outstretched hands straight down at the floor. Now begin (on the exhale) to gradually push the legs: exhibited in front of the leg move forward and set aside for the back leg backwards, keeping both their smooth, i.e. without bending the knees. Do it to the point where most “left” of your foot to touch the floor thus: put forward – the heel backwards with fingers firmly hard-nosed at him. With the “immersion” of the thighs, lower arms bent at the elbows. Slightly springy movements gradually subside deeper and deeper, keeping both legs bent at the knees. Made in the maximum stretched position remain 30 seconds.

In this exercise, you will achieve the highest possible placing both the hips of the foot exposed forward and backwards – on the floor. The achievement of this result, and is called static, horizontal with the string.

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