Forget about the crackers Oksana Morozova, Aiphe: Tigran, crowns what material is considered the most good? Tigran Grigoryan: today from Zirconia. The base of... Gold in the past. What you need to know about dental crowns

Forget about the crackers

Oksana Morozova, Aiphe: Tigran, crowns what material is considered the most good?

Tigran Grigoryan: today from Zirconia. The base of the crown (cap) is made of Zirconia, which is then applied ceramic coating.

— And popular for many years metal?

— I would say that metal is a relatively good option. This type of crowns is more expensive and difficult to use compared to the zirconium dioxide.

— Which variant is winning at life?

— Also the Zirconia ceramic coating. These crowns do not oxidize and with proper care, last up to 20 years or more. Metal max is designed for 7-10 years and subject to oxidation.

— Do I understand correctly that at the end of the period about which you say, person anyway have to change crowns?

— If we put metal crowns (gold, silver, alloy of Nickel-cobalt-chrome), then in 7-10 years they will have to be replaced, as these metals tend to oxidize, which leads to the deterioration of the tooth crown part of the tooth. Crowns made of zirconium dioxide, as well as full functional veneers crown type, designed for at least 20 years of service. If after 20 years with them nothing bad happened, and to change them is not necessary.

— Sometimes metal blue gums. The reason is oxidation?

— Darken the gums due to the fact that the teeth under the crown deep grind, as they say, no ledge under the gum, resulting in a final result to the darkening. The second reason is more banal — the use of substandard material for fabrication of crowns.

— If the zirconium dioxide can theoretically last for more than 20 years, the warranty on such a crown will last longer than metal?

— No, the standard warranty to a year. If during the year something will happen with your crowns, you’ll get them reset. But this does not mean that the new teeth will last 12 months.

— Why the warranty is so small?

— Very much depends not only on the doctor and the patient as it further monitors the status of their teeth. If the work is done perfectly and installed high-quality material, to ensure the longevity of crowns is enough to observe the standard recommendations: to maintain hygiene of the oral cavity, 1-2 times a year to visit the dentist for a checkup and cleaning. However, many people forget about these basic rules.

— Can I eat solid foods — toffee, biscuits, caramel, if you have crowns?

Is another point on which stands alone to stop. No matter what material the crowns are made, they are still an artificial material in your mouth, so you should always remember, what you eat and be careful to solid food. Good from this list of products is better to refuse and keep the crown intact.

Not the reason to save

— What materials are best to make crowns for front teeth?

— Anterior group of teeth, if you do not have any noticeable dental problems, it is best to put veneers. This molded ceramic. My advice: discard the partial veneers which the teeth grind the front only, in favour of fully functional veneers anchor heads type e-max. To install them teeth grind from the front, the edges and inside for a more full fit. As they say, feel the difference: partial laminate veneers last between 5-10 years, and fly away — after some time you will have to go back to the dentist to install the new one. Functional ceramic veneers crown type with proper care serve 20 years or more — is better and more correct choice. To save this question just not worth it.

— Since you’re talking about grinding teeth, always if this procedure is required for the installation of crowns?

Depending on the problem. If you have a completely missing tooth (removed), and needs to be restored with crowns, the installation will have to grind the two neighboring. In this case, the system creates a core team of three or more crowns. However, if you are missing only the crown part of the tooth, but have a healthy root, to set the crown to the root is established a special tab (alloy of cobalt, Nickel or chromium, Zirconia or silver), which then planted the crown. The same thing happens with partially missing teeth when there are healthy roots: their restoration is carried out with pins that allow each tooth to establish a separate crown, without affecting the surrounding.

— Destruction of nerve — a common practice before installing the crown, or it can be avoided?

— When installing the crowns from metal or gold removal of the nerve is necessary in any case. If we are talking about crowns made of zirconium dioxide, the removal is at the discretion of the doctor. Understand that nobody can guarantee you that after the installation of crowns you do not have a toothache, so most doctors remove the nerve, then the patient has had no problems, and the dentist had to redo their work again.

No gold

— How durable and popular today, the once-popular gold crowns?

— Very unpopular, although there is a category of patients that considers gold a pure material, actually, the absolute truth. They don’t care about aesthetics, and they prefer gold crowns. This is usually the elderly. However, most people today still care about aesthetics and don’t want to see a mouth of gold teeth. The most that they can not accept it for cermets with a basis of gold.

— Today, crown serves to establish not only for adults but also for children milk teeth. Does it make sense to do this procedure?

— This is absurd! Baby teeth fall out they are replaced by permanent ones. But if there are problems with them, then it is theoretically possible. As a rule, the crowns relevant to the age of 18.

Usually doctors are divided into two camps: those who propose to put a “implant and not to suffer” and those who believe that the implant is an extreme measure. You belong to which category?

— If you have a perfect bite and teeth are aligned, no shifts, of course, better not to touch the neighboring teeth and put a implant, the installation of which will not create problems to the adjacent good teeth. If you are missing several teeth, or a shift in bite (the side teeth are inclined, the top is omitted), then it is necessary to remove the tooth to shift side — in this case, it is shown grinding the side teeth for crowns. So I do. But there are doctors who are guided by other views, and I prefer to put the crown and only in extreme cases implants.

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