Surprising that in this period of life many women first encounter with insomnia, which was formerly called insomnia. It turns out that the natural... Can’t sleep? Why women over 40 suffer from insomnia and how to fight it

Surprising that in this period of life many women first encounter with insomnia, which was formerly called insomnia. It turns out that the natural hormonal changes occurring in the body, directly affect the quality of sleep. Why is this happening and how to fix the situation?

It is known that during sleep the person spends third of his life. Sleep is a unique state, given by nature in order for the body was recovered after an intense day of work. At this time, slows down metabolism, microcirculation is improves, the muscles relax, restore skin cells.

Without rest only works with the hormonal system. Do not forget that there are several hormones that the body produces at night. One of them is melatonin, a hormone that is responsible for synchronization of the biological clock and the correct alternation of periods of sleep and wakefulness. To produce it required complete darkness and the lack of it threatens sleep disorders and as a consequence, fatigue.

Why decreases with age melatonin levels?

The human body is a brilliant system with the finest settings. This is especially true of the neuroendocrine system — some points of its regulation is still controversial among scientists. However, many details of the hormonal relationships is already well understood. For example, if ten years ago, melatonin was considered a minor neurohormone today, according to doctors, is one of the main adaptogens that work at all levels of the neuroendocrine system. Its effects are manifold, but in General they can be characterized as synchronizing and adapting.

The natural process of extinction of ovarian, consequently, reduce levels of the hormone estradiol reduces the synthesis of melatonin. The results show that melatonin in women at the age of menopause is reduced in 1,5 – 2 times compared to the norm.

The situation is exacerbated by the if a woman sleeps with a nightlight or badly drawn curtains — light blocks melatonin production. Habit before going to bed to review the tape of social networks or read from mobile devices also reduces the quality of sleep — just blue (wavelength 450-480 nm) illumination of electronic devices is one of the factors that suppress the synthesis of melatonin.

Chronic insomnia, or insomnia, has a negative impact not only on the nervous system. Increase the already elevated in menopause, the risks of coronary heart disease and diseases of the genitourinary system. Moreover, as shown by the results of recent research, women with sleep disorders may increase the so-called cancer potential because melatonin is a powerful antioxidant and “conductor” to work correctly, all cells in the body. To protect your health and prevent the development of serious diseases at the first signs of age-related insomnia experts recommend as soon as possible to pass special examinations and normalize sleep.

What to do to normalize sleep

There are many recommendations which should not be neglected. Get acquainted with them and learn a lot of additional useful information about how to combat sleep disorders, visit Bessonnica.of the Russian Federation.

However, if we are talking about the hormonal reasons for a reduced melatonin, without the help of professionals is still not enough.

To go to the doctor should somnologist in those cases, if you notice that:

  • can’t sleep within half an hour of being in bed in a dark bedroom;
  • often Wake up at night, and after awakenings — sleep does not come;
  • not enough sleep, feeling tired after sleep.

Modern medicine considers two medication direction of assist women with sleep disorders.

  • Replacement therapy. We are talking about the ingestion of melatonin in pill form. Typically, such drugs (for example, Malaram and similar) are assigned to the course for a few months, one tablet before bedtime. Such restoration of the melatonin level from the outside helps to cope with the most violations.
  • Sleeping medications. In the Arsenal of physicians, there are enough safe sleeping pills that are prescribed for violations of the processes of sleep and sleep. Of course, the specific drug should prescribe the doctor, after examination and investigation.

Somnology also advised to determine the performance index of sleep. It is the ratio of total time asleep to time in bed. If the integrative index was less than 85%, it indicates a pathological insomnia.

In conclusion, I would like to note that many of the changes in our body are connected with natural processes, but that is no reason to put up with them. Modern science knows a lot of ways to improve sleep quality at any age. Start changing for the better, to find useful information on Bessonnica.of the Russian Federation.

Let your life be bright and full of sleep!

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