Calcium: to acquire and not to lose
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Secrets of a home kit. Collect it from cheap drugs
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Surgeon Bahaudin Akhmedov: to remove bumps on legs at any age
What appear bumps on legs? Is it possible to get rid of them and how to do it? The age at which you can do the operation? Blame the high heels? One of the most common problems with which patients go to the orthopedic – hallux valgus (deformity of... Read more
Rheumatism and his companions. Why aching joints and how to treat them?
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Inflammation of the knee: causes, symptoms and treatment
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Medicinal plants: 50 recipes for healthy back and joints
According to statistics, problems with spine and joints in one way or another are experiencing 80% of adults. Diseases of locomotor apparatus often become chronic and require prolonged treatment. Medicinal plants in this case may be a good addition to the therapy, with their help you can significantly... Read more
+30°C and above! How to cool off in the heat
Hot in our latitudes is rare but when it happens, our unprepared for extreme heat, the body begins to suffer and often fails. So let’s cool down with all means available! Heat stroke In the heat, easy to heat stroke. Its signs are dizziness, increased body temperature, weakness, paleness... Read more
Can’t sleep? Why women over 40 suffer from insomnia and how to fight it
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Gold in the past. What you need to know about dental crowns
Forget about the crackers Oksana Morozova, Aiphe: Tigran, crowns what material is considered the most good? Tigran Grigoryan: today from Zirconia. The base of the crown (cap) is made of Zirconia, which is then applied ceramic coating. — And popular for many years metal? — I would say that... Read more
How to do the splits? 6 effective exercises
Says famous dancer and choreographer Eugene Granatino: – There are two main types of rope: dynamic and static. Dynamic – this is a vertical twine, or twine in a standing position. Static is a twine made in a horizontal position sitting on the floor. I’ll tell you about the... Read more